A company named Luxury-Sea is building a boat with a special device that is claimed to generate from water, to both produce hydrogen to fuel its as well as power its on-board electronics. 

by Hank Mills with Sterling D. Allan
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A boat that requires no fossil fuel and that has an infinite would be a true breakthrough. The French company Luxury-Sea claims to be building such a boat, named the MIG 675. Allegedly, it utilizes a patent pending that generates up to 50,000 volts of electricity from ocean water. The electricity generated is used both to power on board electronics, and to generate hydrogen to fuel a powerful 500 horse power engine. 

The specifications of the boat are impressive. The MIG 675 is 22 feet long and 8 feet wide, with an aluminum hull. It has a top speed of 70MPH and a cruising speed of 45MPH. The boat can hold three people. Additionally, it offers a range of standard features including…

"Electric anchor roller, powered electrical panels, Flapper, sounder Hummingbird 997 C, 10 touch screen, alpine audio set, bar fridge with electric retractable table, shower, toilet, removable boot, start and stop lights and lighting, Full LED navigation, paint choices, leather interior, bar and ski hire, teak floor, sundeck, trailer, aluminum strakes with LED."

Of course the most amazing aspect of the boat is that it runs off salt water. No details are given about how it works, and no evidence is provided. Here is a video of the boat in action, but there is no way to determine if it is really powering itself using ocean water.


The inventor of the technology, Angi Le Floch, is asserted to be self taught. He had this to say to the French website Le Telegramme

"The great innovation is the lack of fuel tank. I developed a stand-alone generator that produces 50,000 volts, from sea water. It pumps hydrogen that powers the engine. There is no release of carbon dioxide or pollutants, and waste are no longer required to spend at the pump; [providing] unlimited autonomy. "

If you go to the company website http://luxury-sea.com, you will find links to various articles about the technology, specifications, and many photographs. However, once again, there are very few details about the technology that gives this boat an infinite range. 

The boat is planned to go on sale during 2012 in four months, at the price of 250,000 Euro. If the technology really works as claimed, this would not be a bad price. 

One big question I have is if this technology can produce electricity for other applications. For example, I wonder if a city on the coast could have a power plant using this technology to generate electricity, to feed into the power grid. If so, it could be a trillion dollar technology.

I'm thinking maybe the inventor is waiting on proving the by selling hundreds of boats, and then once the technology is validated he can expand to other applications. If nothing else, perhaps large ocean vessels could use this technology. It could revolutionize the shipping industry, not to mention the rest of the ! There is certainly plenty of salt water around.

Hopefully, we will learn more about this technology as time passes. If it is real, I hope the inventor will provide some evidence. 

Incidentally, this news broke in the more mainstream press, with an article in GizMag, followed by Business Insider, TreeHugger and Inhabitat.

GizMag mentioned that they did not get a response from the company yet to the question of whether the electrolysis was derived from a battery that had to be replenished, or if power was coming from the water sufficient to allow for infinite range.

We got a response from LE FLOCH Angi as follows: "I confirm that this engine allows unlimited autonomy." He also provided "a general brochure of boats that will be submitted late 2012." Here's a link for the brochure (4 Mb ).

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