Sapphire Stone
December 1st 2011


As The Transformation Is Continually Being Upgraded Through Our Minds (Hearts), We Are In The Process of Undergoing A New Telepathic Light Grid! This Is The Information Highway For Processing A 5D Mentality! We Will Gain Higher of Existence Through Cognitive Reasoning Powers!

With More And More People Awakening As A , We Are Gaining MORE POWER And STRENGTH Within The Matrix of The New Communication Grid, Like A Computer Bank of Memory We Are Overriding The Old Paradigm Into A Completely New One!


Through Electromagnetic Fields We Are Restructuring The Core Impulses of Our Central Nervous System, Which Is The Center of Control of The Mindset!

By The Mere Shift of The Planetary Magnetic Fields, Your Brain Is Being Chemically Restructured By The Alchemy of Global Transmutation!


There Is And Has Been A Cosmic Merging of The And , Uniting Our Internal World To Our External World Where Inspired Creative Cosmic Arise! These Are Becoming A Part of Our DNA! Don't Be Surprised If You Find You Have A Hidden Talent You Were Completely Unaware of, For Sharing Creative Thoughts And Ideas As A Whole, Can Transmute Into Subtle, Positive, World Changes For The Better! For A Brand New Divine Transfiguration Is Alive And Well!


You Are Literally Growing And Changing Mindfully Every Single Day Into A 5D Mentality!

Through The Collective Higher God Consciousness Into ONEness, We Are Being Activated By A Set of New Commands In Our Levels of Processing That Connects Us To The Unity Principles of The Divine Source!


We Are A Mere Computer Software Program, Plugged Into The Mainframe of A Super Galactic Computer System! Each Day You Are Being Downloaded Information That Creates A Whole New Being of Existence!


Morphogenetic Resonance Through The Pleiadians, Is A Breakthrough Reconnection of Our Telepathic Potential! This Will Connect You To The Divine Galactic Consciousness, In A State of Awareness of Our Genetic Lineage And Star Heritage! This Higher-Level Exploration of Inter-Dimensional Worlds, Is For Those Seeking A More Varying Level of Integration That Vibrationally Operates The New- ! Anyone Not Ready Will Temporarily Avoid This Desire For A Later Date! But Basically This Works Through Mathematical Codes And Algorithms That Require The Divine Template To Function, While Those Ready To Work With The Magnetic Scalar Potential of Conscious Co-Creation Will Feel This To Be A Natural Step Forward!


All Those Ready To Take On New Information Into The Unknown And Learn More ~ Great Things Await You!

Morphogenetic-Resonance Is A New Human Template of Fluid Levels of Intelligence That Creates Its Most Pure Form By Rapidly Responding To Vibrational Resonance Without Time or Space Limitations! Meaning To Express And Create Powerful Energies In Physical Form, Like Energies Must Align Vibrationally, In Order To Create A New And New Solutions To The Dilemma of 3D!

Since 1999, Positive Manifestations Have Been Wanting To Make Its Presence Known In Physical Form, But The Collective Consciousness As A Whole Has Been Suppressing It! These Intentional Energies, Waiting To Manifest, Now Act As A Balance of Creative Layers, To Put Forth New Desires And
Inspirational Thoughts Within Our Divine Purpose!

There Is A Demarcation Point That We Have Already Crossed From The Old Reality, Into The New One! We Are Infusing New Intelligence, Concepts, Perspectives And A Brand New Awareness of Our Higher Dimensional Capabilities!

Personally, I Feel ALL of Us Connecting On Face Book, Is Creating A Matrix of Unprecedented Knowledge of Intelligent Form, That Is Enabling ALL of Us To Think Outside The Box of Our Past Existence On Earth!


There Is ENORMOUS ~ GREAT ~ MAGNIFICENT ~ FANTASTIC ~ POWER ~ Within ~ UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS! And ALL of YOU Reading This Message ARE An IMPORTANT Part of It! For This Reconnection Is Polarizing Thought Forms And Encompassing The Majority of The Collective Thoughts of Others For The Soul Purpose of Re-Establishing The Grid, That Enables Us To Create !


Our Hearts Are Energetically Orchestrated Through A Connected Soul, Through The Transfiguration And Merging Into Our Divine Human Form By Our Higher Intelligence! LOVE Is Leading The Way Out of Fear Based Thinking, Once And For All!


The New Way of Thinking Will Be Through The Heart, For Your Mind Is In Your Heart, Not Your Head! For Your Real Mind Is Sensation Based, Not Driven By Emotions! Honor The Body's Brilliance, Through Sensation And Co-operation Using Both Hemispheres of The Brain So It May Work In Total Harmony With The Energy of Source! For It Is Through Whole-Body Resonance That Moves You Through The Morphomagnetic Fields of Creation, That Results In Co-Operation With Total Harmonic Attraction Through Telepathic Interconnections Between ALL Living Organisms, That Enables You To Function Within FULL POWER!


BE That Which You WANT To BE ~ And You WILL BE ; )))



Infinite LOVE And IMMENSE Light!

Sapphire Stone