Channeled by:
December 18, 2011

Let us speak today of your journey. It does matter if you are male or female. Each of you has the power within you to demonstrate their &;kingly’ role. This is the use of the yang or . Regardless if you are male or female you have the power to MASTER your own domain in your physical nature in all of its aspects; , mind and of course spirit. Being regent of your domain, means you are in control and in full responsibility of what transpires within your domain.

Many of you run with the more Priestly role which is the feminine or the yin . Again it does not matter if you are male or female, you have within you the power to be of your temple (body), and to create what is needed for your time in this lifetime. In this phase or energy you are using the nurturing part of yourself.

I help you combine both of these aspects into your everyday life. Both energies are required to be fully balanced to receive the calm and peace you are so much looking for. Achieving this perfect balance as you are perfect beings, children of is very much possible and necessary. If you able to clearly see you are weak in either energy, call upon the Violet Flame and ask for healing and for guidance invoking the use of my energy. My presence with you will guide you to what it is you need to change to regain your yin/yang balance. Your entire body will shiver with a delightful “Ah” when this is complete.

The path of your journey does have many bridges and roads yet to come and you will meet them. The balance you are progressing towards will require commitment from you to maintain once achieved. By this time dear ones you will be able to notice when you are in need of re-grounding, reflection and redirection. You will be listening not to your head, but to your HEART.

I am seeing a great many of you nodding your heads. Some of you understand this already and this revelation is wonderful indeed. I encourage you to continue with your efforts because you are on your way to success. It is becoming more and more evident of your achievements and how they enrich your life both your physical life and spiritual life. Every step you take is advancing you literally forward dear ones. Even when you take a wrong turn you are advancing because you are gaining knowledge that will help redirect you again. Your subconscious has its own memory, and when coming to the same crossroads, you will suddenly know which path to not take ‘again’.

There are so many dear ones that look at the ‘wrong road’ filled with very negative experiences. Yes, they have negative consequences, but they also reveal many lessons that give room for opportunity to make things better and for HOPE. There is so much positive in the negative turns you have taken. See with clear eyes that lack attachment and you will see what I see. I see a person who most definitely has struggled, but I also see someone who has persevered when others or even themselves thought they could not. Deep inside you, and it has been seen time and again, is a build in ‘survival’ mode. This mode of action does not only mean for those times when it’s survival against the elements of a horrific accident or similar situations. This ‘survival’ mode is to keep going; one foot in front of the other. You are strong dear ones, never forget this. And you are also surrounded by angels at every moment in your life. Sometimes they do come through and stroke your hair, or sit next beside you, or watch and comfort in ways you cannot tell. You are surrounded by love more than you may realize at times.

I ask of you to look at all you have done, both the good and the bad, and if you are really honest with what you see; you will notice you are rich with so much vibrant, . You are Good. You are a child of God and very much loved. And with that I am ready to take my leave from this dear child. Our weekly will be missed next Sunday as its . Please feel the warmth of my affection enter your hearts to be shared with your family and friends. May Peace, Love and Harmony fill your entire being and those you love from now until eternity.

And so it is, through Julie Miller