Channeled by:

December 04, 2011

I greet each and every child of within my embrace of Love and Light that is sent from my unconditional .

I see and hear much that goes on around this beautiful globe. You must listen from your heart when you watch a disturbing news update or read an article that is upsetting. You are living during chaotic times that is bringing much . is necessary even if not always well received. Do not fear the . Educate yourself on what is causing you a disturbance to your normally BALANCED perception.

With all the change comes potential for growth. Take your time filtering out the information and learn to trust your intuition as to what rings TRUE to you. Discernment comes from many levels and degrees. And you will become more confident discerning what is TRUE for you. Remembering the TRUTH may very well likely be different to another. When you listen with your heart, you are asking yourself, “Is this information of the highest of good?” Your heart can only answer with Love dear ones and you will be steered towards a clear and loving answer. Open your hearts and minds to the many learning opportunities that are becoming readily available. Allow yourself to be guided to what is right for you; you just might be surprised.

During such turbulent times, it’s important to maintain equal balance within your female and male energies. As you become more spiritually mature you will notice these energies much more easily and know when you need to clear away any toxic debris that attached itself to your own field. Pay attention to your chakras, and learn them well. They will direct you to finding PERFECT spiritual peace of mind, body and soul that will have wonderful effects on your personal daily life.

The nurturing energy gained from accessing my energy and guidance is utilized from all levels of spiritual development. Each of you has accessed this nurturing energy at some point along your incredible journey. DO NOT hesitate to make contact with your higher consciousness which will enable you tap into my vibration and allow me heal you and guide you. My love and acceptance of you is complete and pure.

It is never too late to begin understanding your TRUE self. Some dear souls work on this constantly and many only when something does not turn out as expected. Understanding your TRUE self begins with self-LOVE. Believe to find peace, you must discover both male and female energies, your own ying/yang. Balance is required on all levels. Once balance of all your energies is achieved, maintaining this balance is the challenge. I completely believe in your capabilities.

You will learn so much about yourself when you begin to understand your complete self. You will do this several times along your journey to enlightenment. As you continue to learn, you grow, you become wiser and you will find yourself being reborn more than once throughout you the life you are currently living. Your life has been filled so far with many exciting twists and turns. Some may not be remembered as exciting, but the lessons learned from those challenges were astounding. There are more to come and you are already prepared because you have gained valuable knowledge that will aid you on your journey. Do not fear, but embrace each new challenge with a positive attitude. How you enter each new challenge is important dear ones. Always enter positive and with love for yourself and all those involved. Do not be shy to say, “Thank you for this valuable lesson.” And, “I have learned I AM mentally and emotionally stronger as a result”. Adding positive affirmations during these declarations will help propel you along the current challenge and encourage a smoother transition to fulfillment and success.

We are heading towards an end to our discussion dear ones. My time spent with this dear child and with all of you was incredibly beautiful, and I have every intention to return to speak at great length on how much I believe in you and to help guide you to finding PERFECT peace.

And so it is, through Julie Miller