9 December 2011

Channeler: E-Galactic

My beloved children, my loves, how can you start to understand all is going to be well. I know it's not been an easy journey thus far, and I never told you it will be, I did I will be with you every step of the way. So many of you are questioning your new found truths and your now reality mostly because it has not become a fully manifested reality. Some of you find yourselves drifting back to religion and rituals. My loves let me remind you of who you are. A birth in , Beautiful melodies of my souls expression, my love in physicality, my truth in light, my wisdom through you expressed as the collective oneness that is all.

I know, I know my children it's not easy, it is much easier to go back to the way things were but that is not you, that is not why you are here. We made a promise with each other and all of creation. We promise to the illusion in such a way that will enable you to feel and experience your growth even when you may find yourself drifting away. My children of Gia, you are to be proud of yourselves.

What you are creating with all honesty could only have been done by you, this is one of the reasons why you are more than qualify for doing what you are called to do. Don't worry the time is coming when all will see the Truths you express, soon you will sit inside a pretty golden age, but it's always the darkest before dawn. You are to believe in yourselves and each other. There is no question what you are call to do requires much from you than expected, yet listen when I tell you all your hard works are worth it, more than worth it. Being awakening around those that are at sleep can be stressful because you wish for them to grasp your identity, you want for them to see what you see and feel what you feel, not to rush my children for their time will also come a path.

You are to be strong in what you have cultivated to believe and how you perceive. Moses said he spoke to a burning bush that was "GOD" why is you don't believe your personal interactions with ME? Why do you feel you need to perform rituals for you to get closer to me? You don't and never did, this truth alone is important and feel free to share with your brothers and sisters. Help open their eyes to a new way of celebrating with me in every for i am your , all of it. Everything that makes up anything is me. Some wants to know me when I am just the good and not the bad, yet know I created the bad so you can get to know the good, making all of creation balance.

You are or have come to the realization of this Truth. I am it all and there is nothing I can't be. Can't you see beloved we have a lot of work to do? Your world believes otherwise. For you whom bares the light, you are to consciously spread the light with all that is. You will always have help like the way you do now from all realms. LOVE LOVE LOVE this will enable you to CREATE without judgement, placing you in the realm of mastery of your reality. All is given the power to create but very few create consciously. Progress is indeed a slow process but you have to remember love, we have to rewrite thousand of years in Gia' s history. We have to create heaven on earth believe it is being done and you have to be humble with each other and try not to judge, it is hard I know this, and I also know you can overcome this illusion.

When ever you need to speak with me just do. You need not to go through another, I am always willing to communicate with you, I am always here for you.
Go on into your world and let us work heart in heart, soul in soul, body embodied in the light of all that is. And learn to live without regrets of the past. Live to progress towards your goal of awakening the masses. You will have all you've dreamed of and more but we have to take our time, step by step you and I shall overcome… I AM ME YOU WE, there is nothing I CAN't BE, I've walked on waters and made the blind man see, don't you think it's time to drop the greed and CREATE OUR NEW REALITY?