24 December 2011


You are Love. There exists only Love. It is your misperceptions that distort Love, eclipsing the from your . This is changing. It is changing radically and exponentially. The light of has been turned on. is now growing within the One that appears to be the many.

When one focuses on the frame, one sees the frame. When one can see more one begins to see the content within the frame, and I tell you this content, no matter what frame holds it, it is the same, and it is Love.

You have focused so much on the frame you have forgotten there is content, and as you give so little of your awareness, your focus to content you cease to be aware of its existence. You seem to merge the frame and the content making a package of differences and sameness, distorting the purity of the content, which is always Love.

So what is this Love that is said to you that you are? You have many words spoken, written, expressed regarding Love, however, just as you distorted the ONE by merging in your mind the frame and the content, you have distorted the truth about Love.

So, let us begin to say one thing love is not is a concept, and as such, only concepts can be discussed and intellectualized. Love is Known. It truly be put into words. Many might argue that this is a cop-out, due to its existence being real, but I say it is only the Known that is real and the Known is always beyond the limitation of your many limited words.

You think of language as words and this is true within your physical world. You hear words spoken, see words written, you learn word’s definitions. Words are powerful tools and are being used now to convey Wisdom and Truth to you. Know this, words are of the mind. True is beyond the limitations of words. True is Knowing and this Knowing is experienced, felt in your human and it transcends your limited physical world. True Communication comes when the mind is silent, thought ceases. This is why it is imperative that a quiet mind be the state in which True Communication can occur.

Once True communication is re-established much Knowing can be re-stored and your re-membering be simultaneous. Call it prayer, meditation, whatever you so wish to label it, but an open or centeredness is the channel for True communication. Since this is beyond words no real explanation can be given and much is true of the Knowing of Love, no true definition can be given as all things great and small are Love.

It is then more useful to explain what Love is not, as this is really all that can be offered as a way of preparing you for the experience of True Love. It is experience that will return you to True Knowing of who and what you are and you ARE Love, as is all. Love is the unifying factor here. All seeming differences then are not Love. Differences are imagined, not Real, not the True Essence of your nature. The very sameness that exists is Love and it is everywhere. One could say Love is consciousness, but this would be limited, incomplete, yet true.

So, for now, let us focus on consciousness as it brings in a fractal of the Truth. To be conscious or to be unconscious is the seeming dividing line you all face now. To be conscious is to be aware, yet even more. To be unconscious is to be unaware, yet this can never be really true, only experienced. To move to the Knowing that you are always conscious then is moving to the Truth, understanding that unconsciousness is just a crazy mad idea which can be experienced.

Hate can be experienced even though it is no more real than any of your many judgments of Love. There is only Love however else you may judge it. So, let us make this distinction then, to experience anything other than Love is to be in judgment of it and this distorts its True meaning. How can this be? Examine the moments of your day. At every moment you have choice, to see Love /Truth, or to see fear/ illusion.

Whatever troubles you , it is Love having been distorted by you within your mind, by you in that YOU chose to do this. As yet many of you refuse to take response-ability for choosing fear, you thwart your ability to recognize your Self. It is a cleaver yet maddening and insane game of seeking and never finding and it is time for this game to end. It is time for for the end of all suffering for all suffering comes from not being one’s Self which is Love.

So then, you can see after these many words here it is actually so simple. You are either being Love or fear, and since you are Love, fear cannot be Real, yet seem Real. You are choosing to scare yourself. You are choosing to believe in fear.

This is all that ‘wrong’ in the world and that is that fear is believed in. Whatever you believe will be, until Knowing replaces belief. Knowing is of Love, belief is of fear, but belief can be used to bring you back to sanity, back to Love.

So, belief which is generated, created from fear can be a path to Truth, to Love, as this is simple as well. All is love. There are only distortions of Love. Distortions can be dispelled returning you to Truth, to sanity. So much information has been spoken, written, through the ages to break the mental patterns of fear you have held onto due to this very fear.

It is simple, love or fear, you choose. There is no distinction made here. Is it ego choosing or is it self choosing. It is You…simple. It is time to know you are choosing all of your suffering. If you choose to end suffering stop choosing fear. If you choose peace, stop choosing fear. This is stated now in the negative. So, we can simplify even more…

Choose Love, Choose Self.
Choose Peace, Choose Self.
Choose Joy, Choose Self.
Choose Freedom, Choose Self.

What are you choosing? Are you choosing to be unconscious of Reality, choosing fear instead?

To choose Self, is to choose against fear in every moment. Do not delude yourself, for this is so simple, you cannot say you do not know nor can you say you cannot figure it out. In this moment , what are you choosing, fear? Then, choose again. Choose Peace instead. This is at-one-ment. It is here, NOW. Not later, not 2012, not tomorrow, not next year or the next. It is in this NOW moment…Love or fear, you choose.

You always have. It has always been you choosing. There are no demons beyond you. There are no demons. Only your choice to experience fear. You now have even become afraid of fear itself. Simply choose again. You will be amazed how quickly your sanity will be restored if you practice this in each NOW moment. It is certain, this is the way to end all fear. Stop choosing it. It is your re-sponse-ability.

For as you are Love and Love is All, you have the power to create whatever experience you desire. So, look at what you really desire. If you are continually choosing fear then you must face and accept this desire has been unconscious to you until Now.

Now you know, simply desire Truth instead in this moment. Action this Truth by choosing again. Choose Love instead. It is so simple. It always has been. Choose Love, choose Self.

is your experience now. You have become ONE every time you choose Now for Love, for Truth.

I am ever present to assist you as you choose. You walk not alone.

I am your brother, your sister, your mother, your father and I am you and together we are the Son. In ONEness we share Christ Consciousness…Love itself.


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Scribe: Faye Rouchi