7 December 2011

A few weeks back I was going through a rough patch and received this message to assuage my fears that I was some sort of ascension drop out, failure. I just thought this might be of help to others that may be experiencing something similar as we enter this time of quickening and higher vibration which tends to shake, rattle and role that which no longer can remain to the surface for us to finally let these go. They have remained to this later chapter in our journey for a reason, they were the things we really didn't want to let go of…so, it can be a bit of an ouch if resistant when it's what finally has to occur. Here's the message…

My beloved, you have much emotion flowing within, bubbling, churning…to be released. ALLOW, ALLOW, ALLOW. Let it move. Let it flow. You are undergoing a cleansing that serves to allow a full remembrance of , as this is what you so long have desired, for so long have focused on. So, here it is, occurring, showing you everything that stands between you and this full KNOWLEDGE. So, do not pull back, for now is a time of forward movement, stepping beyond the barriers you created to a and so, now you have called within yourself for the end of dreaming this . The time now is for awakening, all that you desire is to awaken, This is fully registered and activated by YOU, for YOU, for your desire to be realized. There is only one way and that is to walk through, to experience all of your misconceptions, misperceptions, faulty . For you are the only ONE that can dispel them. This is the way to remembrance.

This need not be timely, nor full of suffering, however, painful beliefs, concepts, ideas must become KNOWN to you as such, which means they will arise within your for you to re-evaluate or re-value them, re-consider them and then to continue to allow them to be a part of your created reality or to be released, looking at what remains to be seen, looking behind the curtain to what has always been and will always be.

To the extent you are willing to feel, to see, to let go, will be the experience this will be for you. Take the ah-ha moment of recognition or take the struggle of holding on to that which is seen but still valued in some way, refusing to let it go. Either way is fine, but one is with ease and quick, allowing a quickening, the other is struggle and a war within your own very beingness. This is a time to truly see what is within you. Both head and heart.

Honor this walk you have undertaken, allow it the time it is requiring, for once your walk is complete you will find it has been leading you all along to the destination you have so longed for. This is a path you ARE taking, whether the straight and direct route or the winding road filled with seeming detours. It is not a struggle to feel. It is not a struggle to release. It is a struggle to hold on to that which has arisen within your awareness as the realization of Truth while you fail to recognize this out of fear of , fear of loss. Be brave now, as your emotional pruning leaves you stripped bare, for you will find much more light reaching your inner branches now, replacing the crowded limbs that once were there. You are becoming a much more healthy tree.

Your dreams are beautiful, so beautiful! Much inner change is required for the realization to be experienced. Allow this change to occur. It is not so long involved as you might think. You are close to what might be said as the trunk of the tree, and this is directly attached to the roots, where all KNOWLEDGE and power rise up within you to power you in the way of goodness and Truth rather than static and noise and confusion and misperception. Do not pull back from anything. Allow all feeling to be felt with awareness so that all constructs can be KNOWN and released.

You are loved beyond measure, for you are this very love you long so to feel and experience. You so long for yourSelf. Continue, for this is your final destination…rediscovering your SELF!

You walk not alone, for I am forever with you,
Your brother and friend in Christ Consciousness,
I remain,

: Faye Rouchi
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