Mother Mary: How to Experience Divine Love

20 December 2011

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Message from Mother , with Quan Yin and Sananda

You can listen to the audio by visiting my radio show, “DeLight Conversations on &;, Episode, “Balancing the Masculine and Feminine,&; which aired on Dec 19th 2011. begins speaking at 44:30 in.

Erin: Mother Mary is on my right, Quan Yin on my left, blending their energies. Mary is going to be speaking as her energies blend with Quan Yin.

Mary: I Am Mary. And I hold out my arms to embrace and send love to this entire beautiful planet. I allow this Divine Feminine Love to completely surround the globe, but only come in and touch the hearts of those beings on this planet who want to feel me. And any time someone wants to decide that they deserve to feel this feminine, Mothering love, all that one needs to do is say “yes” to it in their hearts, which is a very different matter than saying “yes” to it in the mind. Because the mind categorizes, it’s the ego, and the mother’s love as very little if anything to do with the mind or the ego.

The Divine Feminine is available at all times and to all things, to all life. And it’s already supporting you, because this love is within your very being. You can amplify it’s effect in your life by turning to this love and welcoming it in to your heart, into the totality of your being. The very first thing to do, if you want to feel the presence of divine love through the vehicle of Mother Mary, or any divine love, is to notice the feelings in your heart and to open to the idea that there is so much love available to you that all you have to do is tell it that you want it.

I understand that there are times when circumstances in your life cause the emotions to become very tumultuous, cause the mind to spin with all sorts of different thoughts, and this is hard to contain and hard to change when you’re in the midst of this anxiety or whatever emotion It is that is low vibrational . And so, if you can pause long enough to ask for the love, that is a good thing.

To bring it more into your awareness, I would invite you to practice breathing. Breathing smoothly and fully, as this calms down the nervous system. And also to take time to be sure that you are bringing this love to your and to do this you need to be more in the by taking a walk and noticing the trees and the plants, feeling them. The love can only be felt when you are fully engaged in your and in your world. The love starts to feel pushed out during times when you are only feeling or experiencing or focusing on something that isn’t even genuinely real – a thought. A thought that leads to being, you could say disembodied, not practicing that embodiment that we’ve spoken about previously. That is why when you give someone a hug, you feel so much loving energy. You are not only fully expressing with your by putting your arms around another person and feeling their arms around you, you are also taking your attention off your own experience and focusing on the love you have to share and the emotions that you have to express to this other person. So when you’re feeling bad inside, maybe something that you can practice which will help to flow through you. Again, bringing your attention to other people instead of focusing inward on your own pain is a very powerful step to take. The is a containment and this containing energy holds everything together, it holds your life together, it brings people together. That’s what the is about and what it’s for.

So when you want to feel Divine Mother energy, bring yourself into your body, first connecting with your own self, and then focus on how you can connect, from a loving space, with the world around you. And I would like to give each one of you a blessing. I’ll place my right hand on the crown of your head, if you would like that, and I will send into he crown of your head an energy of pure divine joy. The joy of the Divine Feminine, the Joy that the Divine Mother has in you. And when I say that I am a Mother, a Divine Mother, I am not excluding myself as independent of anyone else, I’m just an example to point out the frequency of Divine Feminine that is in each and every person on earth, whether you be male or female or any form, everyone has this very same frequency of the Divine Feminine within you, within the core of who you are because it’s from where you came. So notice this joy, this joy. And this joy is going to stay with you. It’s going to amplify your experience of love and joy – everything in your life. It’s going to heal many things that have been waiting to be healed. It’s going to resolve issues and troubles that seemingly couldn’t be resolved. And the reason that they were so trouble some is because they did not have this balance of divine feminine quality or energy within them at the time. So as we bring that balance back in, things will just naturally resolve themselves of their own accord.

Now I’d like to invite in the one you know as to stand with me, very solidly, so that you can sense his presence. So on your earth, there has been a movement towards promoting the feminine – the feminist movement. And this has created a bit of discord and anger projected toward the masculine, and in a way, tipped the scales in the other direction. And this is why as I’m speaking about the Divine Feminine I have invited in an expression of Divine Masculine. And during this time of year, how very appropriate to engage with mother Mary and . And I want you to just allow for a moment some of these energies to balance out. Notice how you’re feeling inside right now as you contemplate your experience of feminine energy and , within yourself, within other around you, and on a larger scale, in your society. And as you observe these feelings, you’re invited to allow balance to happen, without trying to do anything, simply hold the intention that you will allow the balance to happen. And feel how the energy begins to change. Breathe and if you notice any pockets of frustration or anger which you may be feeling, allow this balancing to address that. Allow the Divine energy to flow. And now and I will step back a bit from your energy field. And now see Quan Yin surround you, if you would like, in a bubble of compassion, a container of compassion, very soft energy. And you’re invited to send this compassion that Quan Yin has amplified within your energy field, out to the entire globe, radiating your good will towards everyone and every thing. And when you take a breath, breathe in that good will for yourself as well. Now I’m going to step back just a little further so that your energies are fully your own. And I send you again my love and blessings and thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for receiving the healing, and these words. I love you.

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  1. The Mother Love is felt so strong in this message.  Thank You

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