30 November 2011

Channeler: hilarion

My =Dimensional Self
Master Hilarion
30 November 2011

You cant just make your feeling one with spirit (still separateness).
You have to make your mentality and your feeling become one,
and then there is a spatial expansion inwardly and outwardly
that is the shift of ,
the state of perception,
the experience of perception that is at once fulfilling,
at once tells us this is what ive been searching for,
this is the beginning of that, yet, already is that.
And thus,
and now thus I know.

Now I can begin to understand
and to experience with my whole self,
the higher conceptual multi-dimensional nature
of the life which is within us.

Anhilation is not the key to .
of all that we are
is the path to experiencing perception/experience
of that oneness which already is, was, and continues to be.
This is source.
This is our ""
This is within your inner codes.
What more do you think the "ETs" are going to reveal to you?
Or anyone else for that matter?

Its not just that you become one with parts of you.
Its that the parts of you must,
and I do say must,
become one with each other.

This is what creates the alchemical, etheric shift into
what you call "new consciousness"
and what we call perception.

So let us allow our mentality and our feeling
to work with each other
and see if they can feel/experience this oneness, this fusion,
this opening to your being.

How do you think you will collapse time into the moment,
let alone the micromoment?
Yes, another doorway to the journey, the world within.

As long as you hold that you are a body,
plus a set of thoughts, plus a set of beliefs,
ever separate, ever not unified ,
ever spread out through time
shall you remain.

So, lets start with, experimenting with, investigating:
how will our mentality (thoughts, beliefs)
and our feelings
respond when they are asked by us to explore each other.
The path into oneness is voluntary,
even for parts of us, especially so.
As these parts are us,
and always speak to them in the spirit of love.
but you can also lead.
Amen, Hilarion