Now is the Time….


Remember Who You Are.


it is with great joy…great de-lite

that we come forth this day to serve

you… bathe you in the love of home..

to assist you in receiving that love

for ~yourself ~


you have recently exited an 11:11 "event" which

is in truth a cosmic event of great magnitude

This was not an outer event…one that could

be seen as you gazed upon your outer world…

in truth…this event was an inner shall we say

"lightening rod" of codes of divinity that filled

the heart of all things with its true "flame"

of love….Divine Love….


It has been for many a time of much deep

reflection as to the power of your thoughts

and the depths of self hatred and guilt…shame

and smallness that were still hidden in

what we will call "shadow"…

in other words…your "masks' that you have

worn to cover up the true I AM you are

have been rising to the surface and can no

longer be denied…


 for to do so will be too pain-filled…


you will simply see them for what they are…

and let them go…


we will say that any identity you have been living

that is not in alignment with the truth of that

which you Are has been arising within you…


liken it to a that comes along to

unplug your pipes….any of the "gunk" left

within your that is "blocking"

the view…the experience of love's presence

will be revealed….


dear one's…..this is one of the grandest gifts

you have ever been given…take the time

to process and integrate that which has been revealed…

allow the light of love to fill you and replace

every dark corner of your mind….

you see precious one's…none of these

masks have ever been true about you…

yet they are fighting for their very life…

does this make sense to you…???


now…you are entering already the energies

of the 12:12 and this will be another inner


you will now be moving into your true Creator SELf

if you will but choose to do so…


You are each the source of your own personal universe…

the world you see is not real…..and yes…we know that

you have heard this many times…yet wherever you still

are holding on to any belief that you are not creating

your reality will be made clear to you…


if….and we say IF with great accentuation…

if you are paying attention and being totally

conscious of how your thoughts about your Self

are manifesting as your experience……


allow us to use this as an example….lets say

you may have not heard from a loved one

for a few days…the last time you talked all was

well but now there has been a silence….you may

have had a difficult past with this one and so old

thoughts of "i must have done something wrong"

begin to surface… listen to those thoughts

and they begin to swirl around your field of attention…

in other words…you begin to make that a reality….


now….you send this one a message and say

something ordinary…..the next thing you

know that one calls you and says to you

"what you just said to me really upset me"….


can you put this together truly and take it

deeply within …… took a thought that

you must have done something wrong

and you have an experience that you

did something wrong…..


Yes….you are the "source" of your experiences….


So…this coming gateway will bring you opportunities

to discover this for yourself…


please remember these words…

any arising that you cannot see thru the eye

of love is because you have judged it…

when you can see all arising's thru the eye

of love and love all of YOUR creations and

simply choose again if necessary

then you are heaven on earth

you are the Creator of your New Earth…

you see precious precious friends…

it begins with you….


if your deepest desire is to be your true

God Self then you must

choose to be nothing else…

and allow us to say dear one's

in truth

~there is nothing else ~  !!


with that …we bid you adieu


Jeshua Christa

Circle of Light…



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