14 December 2011

Channeler: Molly McCord

“Humanity is on the verge of experiencing greater , acceptance, joy, and than ever before. The awakening that has been underway for decades has reached beyond predicted numbers and is moving into greater places and spaces because so many have been diligently holding high levels of light and . The time has arrived for greater shifts than ever before and to some this is indeed a celebration. It is a victory of the human spirit to see how much can be uplifted in a short period of time.

New openings will be available to you in 2012 as never before. Some of you have been standing in the hallways of your lives for a while, waiting for the next doorway to open. Perhaps you have even been trying to slam on certain doors to force them open. Perhaps you have sunk down to the ground in disbelief and fear. Perhaps you have impatiently paced and jumped and moved in circles while waiting for a to open; the you know will open. Your patience and willingness to trust has not gone unnoticed and is in fact part of your grander reward. The curtains to a new reality will soon swing wide open and reveal to you you have wanted lifetimes to experience.

Consider seeing yourselves standing on a theater stage with two giant red velvet curtains hanging behind you. The curtains have been tightly held shut with not even the possibility of peeking under the bottom hems. You may have been pacing back and forth on that stage, or sitting quietly, or doing another act to entertain yourself. You may look out into the audience and see a few people from time to time, or a janitor coming through to clean up old junk. The whole time you are aware of “something&; behind the curtain. You know this is what you are waiting for and this is what you want. It is why you are here at this time: to be a part of the grand revealing.

In 2012, these beautiful red velvet curtains will open in a grand, sweeping manner. The force of it may feel so big that it temporarily knocks you off your feet. The waiting time will seem like it only lasted a mere second. You will likely feel a heart surge of Love as never before. What will lay in front of you on this grand stage will be something you didn’t expect, yet always knew was there: it is your Soul’s Light sitting on the stage, shining brightly and infusing the world with much brighter than your eyes can understand. The opening of the curtains will be nothing less than extraordinary because that is what you are at every level of your being.

With this grand revealing there will be other things that close for you. It is part of the process you are already in, and for some, it has been a big part of your journey for years. Saying good-bye, endings, partings and moving on is never easy for the human spirit because each scenario triggers grief. Yet you came here to experience the full spectrum of human qualities and emotions, so the grief is simply a temporary reminder of that commitment of free will. As you have learned in recent years, your ability to authentically and honestly feel your Truth will guide you to higher expressions of it. Do not discount what you are feeling. Do not make yourself “wrong”. Make yourself right. Make your feelings right. Validate everything as being a valuable part of your Soul’s lessons. Love yourself grandly. Accept everything as part of your Divine journey.

You will be experiencing such incredible leaps forward as you join hands and hearts with other awakened souls. The communities, groups and relationships that you’ve always known have existed “just behind the curtain” will be right in front of your nose. The reunions will be your reminders of Home. The hellos will be hugs and kisses and “where have you been!” greetings

As you enjoy this new level of being-ness, you also gain a new level of responsibility to serve. You are now serving together as a unified group of Light. You are now working as one in communion after years of working individually on your paths. The highest expression of this united energy is to teach and share with Love. Know that you are now the masters to others who are just awakening. Can you remember what it was like to begin to slowly bloom with the information you know so well now? Can you remember the questions, misunderstandings and thoughts that come with this level of new information? Billions are searching for the insights you hold, but you must not become lazy, superior or all-knowing. You are still a human being who is learning, and now is the time to share your teachings while still learning.

The audience in this grand theater will fill up quickly and flow to you in huge numbers. Some will take notes, some will listen intently and some will want to challenge every statement. All is in Divine Order at all times. You always retain the power to choose your words, thoughts and reactions, so do so with Love and understanding. Not everyone is good at learning new information, but that doesn’t mean you need to judge the teaching. Simply allow and detach when needed. Trust that everyone is living their Soul’s path. Know that you are always Divinely supported for your role. You are serving humanity beyond measurement.

Take good care of yourself at this time. Enjoy each day to the best of your ability as you wait for the curtains to part. Prepare yourself for big developments by affirming your knowledge and skills. Follow inspiration to create the tools and resources that allow people to connect with you. Become clear about your intentions without attaching to any particular outcome. Simply hold the essence of what you want to do without expectation and allow something grand to come in and multiply the effects.

Continue to release with Love and forgiveness anything that no longer represents who you are at this stage of your journey. Clean up debris and sweep away what has lingered too long, knowing you are being Divinely guided to do so. Take action when guided. Without action nothing can be created, and this is the time to create, prepare and organize. Your students, audience and participants will be filling up the theater soon. Trust who arrives when their Soul is ready.

Know that your radiance at this time is seen and always has been. Hold your light and hold each other’s light with Divine Love. The new beginning is near.”