The Californian company, Searl Magnetics, seems to have made progress towards their goal of building a fully functional Searl Effect Generator. A new video posted online shows the high tech equipment that fills their laboratory.


Part II: After this story was composed, Sterling Allan conducted an interview with Bradley Lockerman of Searl Magnetics, Inc., describing what has been accomplished so far in vindicating 's claims, and how close the team is to proving the fourth of four key points — the emission of electrons.

By Hank Mills

John Searl, of Searl Magnetics, is perhaps one of the most legendary figures in free energy. It is asserted that many years ago he built complex discs that defied gravity, and generators that could extract free energy from the environment. Sterling is of the opinion that Searl's was stolen by the black-budget powers that be, who hoped he would go away with his incarceration for allegedly stealing power from the grid in England; and that many of the UFO sightings today are actually man-made craft stemming, at least in part, from Searl's they absconded. 

Although the truth of what took place so very long ago is difficult to determine, his company seems to be making progress towards replicating the SEG, also known as the Searl Effect Generator.

In a recent video posted to , the company showed a high tech laboratory in set up to facilitate the furtherance of Searl's technology. It seems to have all sorts of equipment that would be useful in making parts for a , such as oscilloscopes, Gauss meters, function generators, spectrum analyzers, drills, lathes, etc. One piece of equipment in their lab that seems to be particularly advanced is a CNC lathe. Despite probably costing a lot of money (CNC machines are not cheap), it will without a doubt end up being very useful for fabricating the many (2000 or more) parts of a SEG. 

The CNC lathe is described on the Searl Solution  website. Here is the text…

"The precision CK6140 CNC Lathe will enable programmable and repeatable machine capabilities for the Searl Magnetics research laboratory. Such precision is a critical factor for the SEG to function effectively. The program control system will make it practical to construct the over 2000 individual parts that make up a complete SEG. This image shows it is powered up now and all systems checks ok. Our next set of expenses and effort will focus on tooling up with the appropriate cutting tools, lubrications and training on the logical programs and related software for the Siemens 802C and thus proceed with prototype construction."

As has been suggested by an internet contact, it seems Searl Magnetics has obtained the funding they need to move forward. I'm glad to hear it, because I want to know if a SEG can actually work as claimed. Even if it does not work, the funds lost won't be 1/1000th the money wasted on hot fusion research over the past couple decades. 

Please take a moment to view the following video that was posted to YouTube, and read the transcription we've provided below. 




Searl states that (in the past) he had access to industrial tooling, magnetizers and skilled personnel. Searl Magnetics has endeavored to create a working lab to make the component parts and magnetize them with the required fields.


What we are doing, we are turning this energy out to be useful. At the insulation material allows us to control that flow rate that we need. So that we have a constant force always active the way we want it. So what we have is a diode action. We have a transistor on a gigantic scale we are focusing the energy in one direction the way we want it to go. We are controlling the rate of that energy flow so it doesn't get out of hand. So we have got an unusual unique machine. Because it includes all technology we use in factories throughout the world. Everyday, all combined into one simple machine. Very simple, yes. Tom, Dick, and Harry think they can go make it. Let me show you. It takes a bit more than you think you can make it. Because you need to know the mathematics, how to lay up, and from this you produce a finished machine.

We have control panels operational. You can see it is over there. The CNC is also operational and ready to go. 

I'm watching the numbers…

That is all I had to do to make this part, was grab that off the model, and then machine it. The borry bar would normally not to take that many passes in there because the material is already gone. You can do it however you want. You can reset this. What is cool about this format here is you know, you can change this really quick to however you want.

Because the materials from that have now been purified, we have now got to find what the new requirements to get the best results of a build of that material. But you can put a magnetic wave of metal, the matter the experts say. To how is it we are the experts, not them.

So what do you think about the video?

How far do you think they are from making a working SEG?

Feel free to post your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Interview (go to Part II)

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