7 December 2011


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The is Saturday, December 10 at 7:38 AM Mountain Standard . This full is accompanied by a total eclipse of the visible in North America. Needless to say it is a very powerful and serves as the bookend to an intense of and acceleration that began on the New Moon on November 24. Definitely do something to acknowledge this day. Make an inventory of what has changed for you and spend some dreaming big and thinking outside the box regarding your intentions. Stay away from anything negative and set your boundaries against what does not feel congruent with you. If people are melting down around you, hold them in compassion but do not join in the drama. Your actions speak louder than words at this and the universe will take note of any fully committed action you take towards your intentions. Be sincere and know what you want. Take some action that indicates you really mean it.



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Total Lunar Eclipse. Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in 18º Dec. 10, 7:38 AM MST

We’ve been mailed an eclipse package. It arrived with the New Moon Solar Eclipse on Nov. 24, Thanksgiving Day USA, and now is coming into full expression with the Gemini Full Moon paired with a total Lunar Eclipse. Moving into the Solstice period is the frosting on the 3-layer cake. and Moon are in opposition and conjunct within 4º of the North and South Nodes. The Sagittarian Sun gives Jupiter a strong voice in the chart as it rules Sag and , while Mercury gains strength by being the ruler of the Gemini full, round, creamy Moon. Mercury has been retrograde since Nov. 23; that’s a strong influence on the Moon chart. Retrogrades pull us into reflection, reevaluation, and inner process. With Mercury in Sagittarius, we are trying to reconnect with our vision for what lies ahead and the beliefs that may be bogging us down.

Opening to the Earth and drawing that grounded up from the center of the planet will satisfy the animal nature of Sagittarius, while streaming the cosmic ray from the center of the universe down through the center of our heads and radiating the mixture out from our hearts will connect us with that vision that the arrow of Sagittarius seeks. Just the preparation we need for the Dec. 21/22 Winter Solstice.

An eclipse is a precise alignment of the orbits of the Sun, Earth and Moon. Complex computer calculation can determine times for eclipse. And just think, was built to do exactly the same thing so long ago. For a short time there is a disruption of our energetic connection to the planetary grid and a total reset can occur. Old beliefs, ideas, perceptions, constructs can be discarded and the quantum field is more easily accessed and integrated. Like a rebirthday. You know, if you just go along and ignore your birthday that’s one expression, but if you prepare and celebrate and honor the day, it can bring you a memorable change and reenergize you for the next year. Well, eclipses are the same, you’re going to experience it if you just ride on the great ball through that time, but if you prepare and honor that portal, you can receive valuable gifts.

Going back to the topic of the Full Moon conjunct the South Node in Gemini and the Sun conjunct the North Node in Sagittarius, we may see strong, emotional lunar, not rational, reactions surface bringing with it our issues of loss and abandonment or maybe we’ll just feel like cooking and eating and feeding everyone around us (Moon)! Much that has been internalized in the past can present itself for acceptance and release especially from childhood, old habits, nourishment, stomach, breasts ~ all Moon ruled. A powerful opportunity presents itself here. Follow this link to Jose Stevens’ article about instinctive center fears of abandonment and entrapment: (link here).

Ceres in Pisces is square the Sun and the Moon. She is the asteroid, now planetoid, the all nourishing mother with rulership of , procreative sexuality, parental imprinting, agricultural cycles and nurturing and helping professions. In Pisces, Ceres resonates with compassion and seeks to nurture others where she senses suffering. Square the Full Moon there can be difficulty honoring one’s own needs before those of others, especially others in your family. Self-nourishment issues and attachment out of need may be triggered.

180º away from Ceres, Mars in Virgo also squares the North/South Nodes and Sun/Moon (and forming a Grand Square). Mars takes an extensive retrograde period starting Jan. 23 to April 14, 2012. Because it will have almost an eight month journey in the earth sign of Virgo instead of the usual two month interval, we will experience this ongoing square to the nodes in Gemini/Sagittarius, as well as an easy and supportive trine relationship with Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. Mars square the Nodes spells conflict and even violence if not channeled into experiences that let us feel our power and courage.

Uranus (1º Aries) goes direct the day before the Full Moon Eclipse. Retrograde since early July, it doesn’t regain its previous degree until March 2012 (4º Aries). Uranus reaches its first exact square to Pluto in June, 2012 at about 8º ~ that’s the first of seven exact squares from now to 2015. If you experience a giant lightning bolt to your life, it’s most likely Uranus, the Awakener, active in your birth chart. Uranus loves change, I mean CHANGE, freedom, invention and liberation of all things bound. This is not a planet concerned with the intricacies of material reality. You may ultimately sustain some blow, but the source is internal pressure on areas that need to give way to growth. One lesson of a long Mars transit in Virgo is stay adaptable, diplomatic and on task in times of change and the resulting chaos.

Jupiter at 0º Taurus, ruling planet of the Sun in Sagittarius, is involved in a formation called Thor’s Hammer formed by two planets in square aspect (90º) and both in sesqui-quadrate aspect (135º) to a third planet – Jupiter, our ruling planet here. The energy is stressful and dynamic. If you picture the energy originating at the handle, Jupiter, then you need to find a way to use the power of the two planets in the tense square pattern (Mars + North Node) constructively and creatively so it doesn’t go destructive. That’s why it’s called a hammer or sometimes God’s Fist it has to be wielded judiciously. I wouldn’t mention it at all if it didn’t involve the ruling planet.

Jupiter and Saturn in near opposition are contributing to the feeling of expansion and contraction of time. Saturn is considered Lord of Chronos, Father of Time and Jupiter expands everything it touches. Read Lena’s December forecast for greater insight into how our sense of time is accelerating, (link here).

Mercury will move direct days after the eclipse on Dec 13. Any time you have spent on the inner planes in connection to your essence will really pay off as you set your intentions from your heart center for the new year at the power point of the winter solstice on Dec. 21/22 when the Sun moves into 1º Capricorn. When astrologers want to read influences of the whole year, they look at the Winter Solstice chart. It’s a powerful time of year. Last year, the Full Moon eclipse was ON the Winter Solstice! That doesn’t happen very often…..

12/13 Mercury direct

12/13 & 14 Geminid Meteor showers

12/21 Winter Solstice~Wednesday 10:30 PM MST
or Thursday 12/22 5:30 AM GMT

12/22 Ursids Meteor shower

12/24 New Moon Capricorn 11:07 AM MDT

12/25 Jupiter direct