Laura: Good evening, my good friend. I wish to know if you could tell me a little about my life as a Cathar. I understand I had a short life in the Monsegur Fort, I would like to know if you could help me bring anything back into my awaken state?

Higer- : You were very young, a baby, so to speak in the life you are referring to. Your memories are not very strong. As usual, the parts full of joy have been imprinted in your memory. You had an extremely loving family, never in your lives have you been so loved, protected and appreciated. Your family knew exactly who you were, and what you represented for them. Their life would have had no meaning without their deep that the Cathars have brought into their lives, and this is why they could have never renounced to these teachings. Their mission was to ensure that these teachings would survive throughout time, at whatever cost, including losing their lives and their family. They had a very deep of the place of these teachings had on Earth, and have accepted, as a life contract to protect this knowledge from those who wished it to be annihilated. For them, this knowledge was the only true source of pure light and transmitting it to future generations was their life mission. They lead a simple life, but a harmonious one and happy one.

You have brought much love and into their lives, and they always had the knowledge that their life did not belong to them, but that their role was to serve a higher cause. They cherished every single moment they could spend together, in full knowledge that all could end at anytime. Every new day was a bonus for them and they embraced and welcomed every new dawn they opened their eyes on.

Many of you are finding it good to be together at this time. You have all made incredible sacrifices and much of these sacred teachings have been indeed saved and endured all the attacks they were the objects of.

These teachings will be very useful in the coming years, and will help Earth civilisation towards the upliftment ahead. All was not done and endured in vain.

You and your family were a link during many lives and civilisations with the same objective. You are still connected, for instance to the people you worked with on Atlantis and have wowed to take part in the mission of saving knowledge for Earth’s wisdom and consciousness. This you have been doing, with many others on many levels and dimensions. You all have been the representatives of light from many Galactic Civilisations. You have accepted to be part of this tireless project of transmitting sacred knowledge and teachings from generation to generation, up to present day. The days of ending this project are very near, dear. You and your friends have made life on Earth bearable, for and those who desperately needed light, under this dark domination period. You are very blessed and we thank you all for your incredible work for the light.

Laura: Thank you. Now, I would like to know if my gut feeling of recognising my then mum is correct.

Higher Self: It is indeed, dear one. How could you forget your favourite mum and dear friend? You and her are greatly connected and have been together as friends and family in many lives. Be grateful for your reunion at this time. Many exciting developments are ahead of you, and you are far from suspecting much of it. Have fun and enjoy yourself, dear.

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