As the (Energy Catalyzer) begins entering the market place, the governments of the world — especially the government — needs to support its wide proliferation, and not hinder it. Here is a ten point plan the government should implement to support technology as well as other emerging breakthroughs.

by Hank Mills with Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Here is my Constitutionally-consistent ten point plan for promoting the wide proliferation of . The , and the governments of the world, should implement it as quickly as possible. It is a radical plan, but it is a plan that would allow cold fusion to start changing our world for the better, immediately.

1) All subsidies for oil, solar, and other energy sources need to come to an end. This would level the playing field for cold fusion as it starts to emerge in the market place, and prevent tax dollars being wasted on technology that will soon be obsolete. Simply put, no other traditional technology will be able to compete with cold fusion, and all of its benefits — high power density, compact size, 24 hour a day operation, zero pollution, low fuel cost, etc.

2) All energy related conflicts need to come to an end. They are a waste of money and lives. If the US military is involved in a region due to energy interests, it should leave immediately. This could save billions of dollars that could be used for other purposes, or given back to the people in tax cuts. 

3) All plans for carbon taxes need to be ended immediately. Carbon emissions will become a non-issue after cold fusion is widely proliferated. Actually, the energy produced by cold fusion will be a carbon sink, because it will be capable of turning deserts into forests.

4) All safety certifications for cold fusion products need to be fast tracked. Special attention should be given to cold fusion systems, both for industrial and household use. Although safety testing should be careful and rigorous, it should be done as quickly as possible. 

5) All cold fusion and exotic energy patents need to be seriously reviewed, and fast tracked. The policy to deny cold fusion patents should also be abolished. Anyone who was involved in the policy to deny cold fusion patents should be fired. Also, every patent application that was instantly dismissed for being related to cold fusion should be automatically re-examined for free. 

6) The tax rate for cold fusion systems should be the same as for any other commodity. No attempt should be made to remotely meter the energy produced for the purpose of taxing that production.

7) All military equipment, vehicles, aircraft, and electrical generators should be converted to operate on cold fusion (as long as it is the most cost-effective, reliable modality), as a matter of national security. This can be paid for by ending wars in the Middle East and elsewhere. In addition, it would pay for itself by reducing energy costs. 

8) All federal funding for expensive hot fusion projects should be abolished.

9) All new should be designed to operate with cold fusion systems, or other exotic energy technologies. No chemically fueled should be used for space travel. If the military already has exotic space (human or de-engineered from ET ), they need to be revealed to the public. A human colony — powered by cold fusion — should be placed on the moon and Mars as soon as possible, after the emergency of the present economic crisis has passed.

10) A massive education campaign should be started about cold fusion, but should not utilize tax dollars. The companies that produce cold fusion technology should be encouraged, but not forced, to promote public knowledge and understanding of the technology.

I think if the above ten points were put into effect, cold fusion would proliferate quickly and rapidly. Cold fusion technology, for example the E-Cat, will not be stopped; even if all of the above points are not implemented. However, we can save lives, restore the global economy faster, and prevent more environmental destruction by implementing the above plan. 

The simple truth, in my opinion, is that the cold fusion technology (and other emerging ) are a test for humanity. Either we will work together to rapidly proliferate them, or society will collapse due to high energy prices, war, scarcity, and environmental destruction.

What will we choose: death, or life? Collapse or prosperity? 

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