Channeled by Shariq

Beloved Ones,

It is I, , and I greet you in frequencies of Christed love, of freedom and of .

As you now find yourself holographically re-envisioned into the possibilities of the year of 2012, I must say that my view of your potentials, of what has already co-created is quite magnificent, quite enlightening for all of creation, for you, beloved ones, have already exceeded expectations of what had been thought possible for the eventualities of the Shift of Consciousness within your Christed planet Earth, as 2012 had been set to proceed.

For in the establishment of the growth aspects of your beingnesses into the Christed formatting of light that was brought forward successfully by lightworkers around your planet on 11-11-11, much has been possibilitized to be re-seeded into the ease-filled timelines of universal light and that ring tones of harmony, love and compassion up the of the spheres, aligning higher consciousnesses within all there is into a wonderment at how graceful the lightwork has been in form by humanity to reach this threshold of ease-filled .

Yes, there will still be challenges for many on your planet, and yes, many will still choose to leave their bodies when the work has not been done to hold the higher light frequencies that are raining down upon your planet now, resurrecting the Garden of Eden template to wash away the wastelands of yore into the vast Excalibared strengths within.

Yet these challenges will seem insignificant, in the timelines I can see that humanity is co-creating. For the Christed light is pouring through your planet and your bodies. The hearts of humanity are afired anew at this time of in the love of the divine beauty and essence of all there is.

In the Unity Consciusness that has already been born via the Virgin before and is reafired anew in the recollection of humanity into their Christed beingnesses comes the truth of the almighty ascension that is upon you, that is part of you, and holds you within the Christed light and matrix of truth and Unity Consciousness.

Stay very consciously focused as these days unfold in the love code frequencies that are yours to unveil to yourselves from your heart spaces. Let there be no hesitation to let go of the judgments and panicked reactions of the past to others, in the patterning of all that was, and is already radically and rapidly leaving, and in this focus, in this alignment, you will find the crystalline frequencies within of the purity of that which is you, of the pristine nature of Source that you have always been, and in the easements of theses times, you will hold the tones of the music of the spheres within and co-create with others, in harmony, the music of this ascension, as the new dances of life are recreated in ease and in grace, and in compassion for all of humanity.

As the Source of Life that is you gets reignited in true love and United truth at this time of Christmas, let yourself be free to align most readily to your divinity. Let yourself be true to the excellence of manifestation that is your form, through self-love. And let your compassion for all there is express its love through acts of kindness and graciousness to yourself and to others.

Let no external miasma distract you, dearest ones. Let no phobia of the mass hysteria around politics, economics or culture distract you from your focus and intention to be fully alighted into the fire of Light of Source within.

In these times of apparent uncertainty yet certain Christed leavening comes the possibility and probability for many miracles to unfold rapidly now.

Blessings to you, beloved ones. Feel my love you surround you. I am part of the collective of all there is that beams down love and admiration to you for who you are and what you have already accomplished. And so it is.

© 2011 Shariq www.goldsunhealing.com

Shariq (“Rising Sun”), is a , , clairvoyant, healer, medium and channel for the Ascended Masters, Archangels and other Galactic & Cosmic beings of light available to assist humanity at this exciting time of planetary ascension.

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