Resoving My Own Differences Before 12-12
Master Hilarion
2 December 2011

Are you sure it is the outer collective disparities
that will prevent you from entering 's gate within you?

, Discusss, , but do not be deceived.

By Dustractions.

Are discussions legitimate?

Of course, always.

But you do know discussions often have many games behind them.

Its almost like, sometimes, if you do figure out the answer,
you then find that the bounty is empty and does not even propel you inwardly spiritually,
meaning your own inner journey to self.

So, what will?

You are not to believe that resolving differences with others will open your ascension.
This would be almost spiritual insanity.
Each person in their own power in the one, now theres a goal.

It is that even though it is good to explore in all ways that feel right,
it is also good to understand within, the limitations of different types of exploration,
Do not be deceived by the unspoken suggestion that resolving differences furthers our inward path to what we call the open gates.
Yes, there are now open gates within, explore, try to see if you can experience these in
the quiet silence of yourself, you.
And tell every part of you to come yo you,
and tell them that with the new energies,
their sense of completeness as part of a whole being will come, in flows,
in gentle flows of freshness and space and knowingness, and ease, and even peace.

However, remember, the energies are progressing,
so when the ancients say this is a time of great ,
that is also taken to mean alot of change, coming quickly,
and without much time space in between,
so we are aware of this and will take it into account.

So now we recommend to experience how does it bring you closer and through your inner gates
if, as in our previous communication,
you ask the parts of you that feel different, or compartmentalized from each other, to,
by free will explore being in contact with each other,
and with the support of the changing energies on and coming to our planet and worlds,
experience that.
In this way a voluntary, free will alchemy, even cascade,
can occur transcendentally within you.

You are beginning to explore the unimaginable within yourself.
Yes, it is good to be excited.
Now honor that you can find your doorways within.
Nothing wrong with "failing"
Something wrong to yourself for not trying because something might not work.

One week until 12-12.
The more you fascilitate introducing thought mentality, feeling, soul, i am, source, to each other,
before 12-12,
the more you will ride and resonate with this sacred new energy straight up.

To this inward journey into our wholeness,
We are here to explore.