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Monday, 29 August, 2011  (posted 2 December, 2011)  

Everything in our reality exists because we made a choice to accept or decline something at some point in time. This is our life journey of choosing one thing over another based on our beliefs, thoughts, perceptions and memories. And we then make future decisions based on the results we achieve with each of these choices. But that strategy ignores some very important information because with the our perspective is on the 'happening'. When we look for the , our focus is on the learning. The is more spiritually powerful, while the is more emotionally compelling.

Results make us feel good or bad, powerful or powerless, validated or victimized. But results do not lead to anything because we use them to judge our decisions by how we feel. If we like the result, we chose well, if not then we chose poorly. But with this perspective we are making slow, if any, and can feel like we're going in circles. This is why we are faced with the same kinds of choices and we always choose in the same way. Using results to judge our spiritual path never allows our circle of potential choices to expand because we are making choices from our emotions instead of our understanding.

There is a lesson and a blessing in all things. This is the gift which illuminates the path to our learning. We are not here to suffer, we are here to learn, heal, grow and transform our human experience into a spiritual partnership. Our challenge is to stop 'feeling' our way through this process and start learning from every step of our journey so we can have closure and expand our field of potential, moving from one level of understanding to another in ways that expand our life path and release us from suffering and painful learning into knowing life as a joyful experience of purposeful manifestation.

There will always be opportunities to accept or decline but without understanding we are stuck in our emotional cycles that create the same experiences again and again because there is no closure, where we are stuck on the treadmill of experience, constantly moving but not making any progress. With learning we take responsibility, release our victim consciousness and make conscious, powerful choices about how we use our power. And this is where the gift becomes the stepping stone to greater understanding, more awareness and manifesting new opportunities to accept or decline that are aligned with our goals for joyful and abundant living.

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