Dec 21

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While perusing our new forum, I came across this story, of a woman and her experiences 30+ years ago of physically entering subterranean . It was exactly what I had hoped for, something pleasant to read while drinking a of coffee.

It evoked some emotions and energies in me, shifting. I was left reflecting on my journey to Mt Shasta (I did , but multidimensionally, not by journeying into the mountain with my ). I was left reflecting on the messages which have come forth over the past few months from and other Higher Dimensional beings.

Many people have been asking for physical experiences with the Telosians and Ascended Masters. I know I have also asked, and still ask, for those experiences. In 2010, I asked AA Uriel to appear physically, he replied, laughing, that he would, but it would freak me out. 🙂 So, he didn’t. I have asked to go into the mountain with my body, and to fly with Ashtar. Ashtar has promised that he will take me and my body on his ship, as well as into Hollow Earth soon. (Who knows what soon means?)

Adama has spoken to several people, through his emails about this. Many people have asked about how to go physically into Telos. Every time, Adama has replied that Telos is a city of light, layered over and around Mt Shasta as we percieve it. He has encouraged people to instead focus on raising their vibration, so as to perceive them as they are, rather than asking them to step down their vibrations to a 3D level. Many Masters have said, as we raise our vibrations, our perceptions will expand, and we will one day, simply experience them standing before us, as real and alive we experience a cup of coffee or a conversation with a friend now.

This has many advantages… for one, it brings the emphasis from them coming to us, which implies our own inability, to us becoming consciously what we are– beings. Many people are unaware of themselves as . This growing awareness is not much different from learning about privilege, in the sense that traditionally white, older men have been in “power” in society. (This can be something as simple and unconscious as a calling on the boys more frequently then the girls in .) As you gain an understanding of this, you learn to see the same world through a different, more focused lens. Perhaps you look back on previous experiences with greater understanding. Perhaps you look at the world around you as you are actively, currently experiencing it with new eyes.

Coming to a greater understanding of multidimensionality is similar. For example, as I have spent the last several years working to raise my vibration, I now perceive energies very easily. (Channeling has been the most exponential opening of my perception.) What I used to have to concentrate to perceive, I know notice easily, in my daily life. Last weekend, I had an appointment for a female checkup. Previously, I felt much anger for allopathic medicine, I longed for the days of priestesses working as healers. This time though, when I looked at the clinician, I saw her lineage of priestesses of women’s mysteries standing behind her, stretching back through time. She was doing the work of her people, through the cultural structure provided for her. I relaxed, and had a mostly pleasant experience.

In a similar vein, as I have worked to raise my vibration, experiencing the Masters has become more easy. I can almost see energies, alternate lives, Angels, etc with my eyes open. I believe that ascension will be a journey of returning to awareness of ourselves as multidimensional, and actively, constantly experiencing that truth as we currently experience breathing.

There is no place to go. No to return to.

Heaven is conscious awareness.

Ask to perceive yourself and whomever you’d like to converse with as easily as you perceive your life now. Ask and then open to experience it.

You are already everything you seek to be.