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Conversations with Adama: Dec 18th, "Healing the World's Governments" (begins at about 87:10, if you want to listen).


After Adama answers a question on political involvement – joins in (below) and talks about holding in the face of darkness, referring to the dark moments before being martyred.

Sananda is being channeled by


This is , also known as Jesus, Lord Jesus. And I want to share that what I experienced for you, while incarnated as Yeshua, when I experienced the abyss of emotion, the dark void that humankind is so often avoiding in their experience. I did this in service of God, and I did it from the standpoint of a man, so that we could all know that it's possible. In my human incarnation in that lifetime, I dealt with the raw experience of having nowhere to look for help. This is all an emotional journey, when I experienced the dark point in my life, that has been described by the disciples as the that I went through in the Garden.

I look back on this now, not with any sense of regret or pain, but because I want to draw your attention to this, because your collective society experiences estrangement from that raw experience of facing the void, which is still something that is feared. And often when I am encountered — truly when one encounters me in the — there is a flood of relief in the . This relief comes because I offer is a release of the resistance to the pain of what you would call the abyss, the abyss of feeling estranged from your Source. Each one of you has the capacity to follow the role that I fulfilled by holding that pure space of compassion, no matter how dark it appears in your experience.

As each person takes that role, the collective experience of , , will grow exponentially. So I want to convey to you how much power and love that you have. You have equal capacity for this that I did, because I came into a human incarnation in this way on purpose, because I wanted to demonstrate to you that it can be done. And there's no need to be concerned with who you are or what your role is. Everything is about love and about returning to Source. This is what I wanted to say.