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Channeled by:
December 02, 2011
It pleases me beyond any measure to be able to speak through this fine soul once again and to so many dear children of God.
We are moving quickly into a warm and giving season – . The greatest gift to give has always been . The gift of requires no pretty package, large price tag or anything else. The gift of can be given and received at any time of the year, not just during a holiday. When you give your to another regardless if it’s at loving gesture, a token of respect, or a kind word, you are giving from your higher self; from the Mighty I AM Presence, otherwise known as your Christ Consciousness. is a beautiful gift to give. There are many people that require no gift other than someone’s undivided attention for a few precious moments. 
Within each of you, in your chamber is the , the Father, and Holy Spirit. It is within this chamber that you find yourself wanting to give effortlessly to others. It is here where your greatest joy is met. Each of you hold a spark of Divinity within you and as your grow and develop so does the Threefold Flame. The growth marks spiritual maturity. 

 Your spiritual maturity will come as you are able to balance more and more the aspects of the Threefold Flame in the many areas of your life. The Threefold Flame is a gift of life precious hearts, consciousness and of course free will. It is always anchored in the chamber of your heart. And through your own WISDOM, POWER and LOVE your soul becomes fulfilled with purpose that is filled with the love and light of God. Balance of your Inner-Self and balance of the Threefold flame is a sign of mastery and seeing your divine potential becoming clearer. 
The beauty of life is inside all of you precious hearts. This beauty lies in your beautiful heart waiting to be exercised and shared. How warming it is to share your vast knowledge with others. Do not think for a second that you have nothing to share. You have lived and experienced life; you have a lot of worthwhile experiences to share. And share you do because you want to see others grow and learn. Yes it is very true all of you are at a different place on your journey. Your spiritual path has taken many twists and turns. Many of you are aware of their guides that have been helping along the way, offering unending support and love when called. 
I encourage everyone to continue to share their wisdom. This is an excellent way to help and guide others that are just waking up to the light and trying to find their way. Love one another, be there for one another. I understand that the season that we are now in can be increasingly stressful for some of the precious hearts, and I am there for each of them after being called. Many of you will feel more drained than usual of your as you tend to feed the ones that find the Christmas holiday difficult with extra uplifting . Remember to take care of yourself precious hearts. Replenish your own fluids and as often as needed. You know your body best.
The love that is flowing freely during this season must also include yourself. What better time to show self-love. Allow the flame from the Threefold Flame to grow and light your heart to full expansion to let in even more love and light, aiding in decreasing some of the holiday stress. You are a radiant being of light and the light from your hearts are shining brighter than the brightest star precious hearts. Be the beacon of light to others that are alone this holiday. There are many organizations in many communities that are looking for help during the holidays that include bringing cheer to those that might not have a family to visit with. Your time, you love and your light is a valuable asset precious hearts.  
Give LOVE from the smile on your face as you greet people passing you. You will receive just as many smiles in return and those smiles are LOVE given. You have grown dear ones and manoeuvred through so much and still have so much to learn and to give. It is never ending and so much spiritual development to gain. I have all the FAITH in the world precious hearts that you will remember the warm spirit of Christmas as you move throughout the days of this joyous month. I am now readying myself to depart this one’s mind. Continue to grow your Threefold Flame. It is there for you to nurture as it nurtures you. I love each of you tirelessly. May peace, love and joy find their way into your hearts and homes. 
And so it is, Sanat Kumara through Julie Miller