9 December 2011

Channeler: 's Daughter of

This time of year tends to be quite busy and stressful for you Earthlings. Your various seasonal holidays seems to add on to your existent daily tensions, and this appears to be the most intense of them all.

You have a of get-togethers to attend, shopping and preparations to do. That does take a toll on your every year.

Even those who watch most of it from the sidelines find it challenging.

Those who, by choice, have consciously stepped off the madness train… And those, who, by force, removed themselves from it. You see, while there are vast amounts of riches in this world, far too many go without every day of the year, with this period being the hardest because of marketed pressures and high expectations..

While it is true that this "holiday madness" is more acute in the West, it is regrettably catching on all over the planet. Know that this can be reversed.

And those whose follows a different calendar, if your will, have to be creative. You have to when your special day falls on the 21st of December, for instance. Plus whether you like it or not, the highly commercialized aspect of the dominating (We use this in the neutral sense here) modality does weave its way into others, for children are quite sensitive to these types of things. Being different often is more an insult than a compliment at that age. Just because of the need for acceptance. But We digress.

We just know that there are a lot of reasons why the levels of stress have heightened, even though the permeating is embracing you with softness.

Mind you, the last few days have been quite active, which may have disrupted you in the usual ways you are now getting used to, We hope: poor sleep or really deep sleep that is difficult to wake from, klutziness, difficulty concentrating on "" things, changes in behaviours… The took a break, because she needed to. It does not matter who you are, you have to take care of yourself first before you can truly help anybody else.

This is a period of great doing for you at this time of year. "Unfortunately", a great number of you just want to be. Be in stillness. Be in the moment. Do less, and experience more. You absolutely love the feeling you get when you take time to bathe in the new soft energy. You love how it transforms your interactions with yourself and every living being around you.

This is a wonderful state of mind/being in the long-term, for it will help you bring about the changes that are needed in this world.

Still, part of you wishes this feeling would have waited until mid-January of your next Earthly year to show up at your heart's door.

We are here to tell you it surfaced at the perfect time.

You see, at the core, your various religious holidays embody beautiful sentiments and values. Ideals like rebirth, peace, understanding, hope, love, perseverance, faith, respect and so on.

All great values to live by. Yes, distortions have occurred throughout history, both by religious and the powers that be (both States/governments and corporations), there are extremes everywhere you look. And taking something inherently positive, and warping it to suits one's interests happens all the time. Not just in religion. While We prefer staying far, far away from your Earthly religions, when We looks at their essence, We see a lot of good and beauty, for they were created for the purpose of enlightenment (yes, at the core).

However, there has been misuse and abuse. And not only by religion as We just mentioned. A lot of corporations (and governments) have a lot to gain by the massive consumption that seems to be the norm in so many parts of the world. It is a great diversion – the commercial aspect that is. Not the spiritual one.

When you remove all the hype and the commercialism, this time of year of about togetherness, hope, love, openness to the miracles of the world: that burned much longer than it should have; following a bright star and guides to meet a newborn Master…

But to appreciate that, one needs to slow down and take a deep breath. Turn off the television, put all the sales flyers in the recycling bin. Think about the softness instead, feel it. Let it guide you.

And nurture yourself. Be good to yourself and to others. Take a moment on everything you think you should be doing at this time of year. Are they all necessary? Do they mean something to you/your family? What can be removed or simplified?

Have a family discussion on the topic. (And this can be done with all aspects or facets of your life, not just holidays). What is important about it? What works and what does not? What would make it special, unique? You may be surprised at what comes up. Creating unique/simple traditions that can be passed on to future generations may be the greatest gift of all. It is all about the essence of the various events in your life as you journey.

For Us, this time of year demonstrates just how unbalanced your world is. The great excesses, and the incredible lack. It shows just how effective corporate propaganda is. Starting small and growing more and more each year, surely but surely, adding more holidays as it went along. Brilliant, really, in terms of distractions.

We simply want you to question things more. What you do and why, especially as you grow more sensitive to energy, Earth fluctuations and each other. Things are not always as they appear. Your intuition and knowingness is growing, use it. It will only make them stronger.

It is not about rejecting everything that has "gone wrong", like your holidays for instance. But going to the core, seeing the essence and concentrate on that. Remove all the fluff and the lies and celebrate the central value, Make it your own.

There is good in everything. Sometimes you just need to dig quite deep to find it.

Those of you who feel the softness, the need to rest, nurture, love, do less – or, more precisely, do what matters – do what you can to honour that need.

Great change will come as people strip society down to the essentials. See what is true and recognize the fabrications created by the few to promote their own self-interests. That takes time. Be patient.

So much has happened in your society due to the lack of questions and blind fear. "Sheeples!", the Messenger told Us. We agreed to have it written here after she explained to Us what it means.

The softness will transform you if you follow it. But do not be fooled by the feeling – the changes will feel natural and logical to you, because you surrendered to it and trust the energy within it. Still, some of the changes will be huge and will take a lot of dedication and sacrifice to bring to fruition.

Also, a lot of people are resisting. Softly stand your ground. There is no need to prove you are right. For while you have found your truth, others may still be blind to theirs… And their truths may be different from yours. Be firm in your beliefs, and compassionate in your response. Always choose love over conflict.

Softness is all about respect: respect for the self and respect for others.

Also remember that you always have a choice to engage or disengage. When others are stubborn in their blindness, fear, or denial, remember the power of a warm smile. It will disarm them without saying a word.

You can walk away verbally from a potential fight or conflict by saying something like: "We seem to be on different pages/have a different view on the matter, shall we agree to disagree and talk about something else?" You can also walk away physically by stating a reason why you must leave or hang up the phone.

This time of year heightens the difference between those who get it (who are awake) and those who don't (still sleeping).

Just be aware of that fact.

It is dangerous to wake up people who are sleepwalking because of the shock they may experience from suddenly shifting from dream-reality to life-reality. This is also the case for spiritual sleepwalkers. Please be gentle. Guide them back to their beds so they can get the sleep they still need before they wake up on their own.

There is great power in softness, and in taking the time to see the essence of others. It helps you choose your battles if you will. Not that We want you to fight, but you know what We mean.

Be soft with the world and respect its essence, then watch it bloom…

This is All.

Much Light and Love to Everyone.

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