21 December 2011

Channeler: 's Daughter of

Quite often, the hardest part about being yourself is accepting yourself as you are. The second hardest thing is knowing which part(s) of you to put away for safekeeping/ protection, and which you should/can reveal to those around you.

There seems to be a stubborn belief that to be fully truthful and honest – or true to the self – one has to bear all to everybody, regardless of other people's , values, principles and level of readiness/openness – or your own.

Privacy and boundaries are still relevant in this new , you know.

Some people do feel the need for spiritual nakedness if you will, and others feel compelled to ridicule and disprove anyone or everyone they disagree with. It is quite odd to witness. We suppose the new energies of softness and openness have unexpected effects on some Earthlings.

We feel it is due to an excess of external seeking. Which was good at first, but became dense and repetitive after a while, and what has started as the pursuit for truth somehow morphed into a hunt for falseness. Like the scale tipped from one side to the other, missing the middle of balance. Both of which – We think – stem for a need for external validation and proving to the world that they are right/hold the truth. As odd as it may seem, it is part of your own process of self-acceptance.

You see, what is true and truth for the may be very different from you. There are similarities, of course, but some truths are specific to your own mission or journey. You see, it may be necessary for you to believe X is true for a certain amount of time before being ready to accept a variation of or addition to that truth. As We have said before, truths and reality are so vast, you cannot possibly be aware of all of them.

Take the Messenger for example. She could not be who she is today or do what she is doing if We had told her everything at once – before she was ready. She had lessons to learn first, things to discover about herself, about the world, about Us. She had to experience joys, sorrows, periods of doubt and uncertainty before she could truly reclaim herself and get to work. She had to get used to an expansion at one level before going over to the next one. Otherwise, it would have been overwhelming. There is a good chance she would have crashed and burned along the way.

The same goes for you. It has been a slow and gradual process for the most part, with growth spurts here and there.

Usually, the more you grow and expand, the less you feel the need to justify or explain yourself. It is an integral part of learning to accept yourself as you are.

Still given how your society works, it can be challenging to trust some of your new instincts.

You live in a society drowning in information and where public confessions and full disclosure tends to be the norm. It is everywhere. That excess of information is all around you. Everywhere you go. Everywhere you look. And your various platforms makes sharing so easy, safe, and "private" (anonymous) that boundaries that used to be well-defined and implicit have pretty much vaporized. Almost like a culture of voyeurism, making it normal to think you ought to know everything about everyone and vice versa.

So much so that most people tend to provide a lot more information than what was actually requested without really thinking about it. And when you do keep certain things to yourself – private things or stuff you would rather not say – you tend to feel a sense of guilt or uneasiness for wanting some privacy. Or, if you are okay with silence, others will either make you feel guilty, say that there is something wrong with you for not sharing… Or that you somehow have something to hide.

Still, if you feel the need to keep some things to yourself. Kind of like a personal treasure in a tiny tin box, that is perfectly acceptable. You have every right to want that and honour that. To have something really awesome and previous about yourself that only you (or a precious few) know.

Something great and strong to make you greater and stronger when you feel on top of the world, and that will bring you courage and strength to go on when you are going through rough times.

And you know, not everybody you meet will support your dreams, beliefs, values or gifts, they may ridicule/discredit you and (try to) sabotage your work if you share.

Why on Earth would you do that to yourself? Even if unwillingly.

No matter how amazing, unique and beautiful you are, some people will dislike you, and discredit whatever you do. For some reason, you rub them the wrong way or you remind them of someone they would rather forget, or worse, they see in you what they would like to be, you have something they wish were theirs. It is also possible they have been misled by someone who claimed to be something they were not, so it is safer for them to say everybody with that talent is a fraud rather to take the risk of trust. Most often, their feelings towards you have very little to do with you personally.

That is okay. It is part of life. Be honest, can you really claim to like everybody?

You do not have to force yourself to love anybody. However, it is important to treat everybody with respect and compassion. Sometimes you confuse who people are with what they do (their actions). Just because you did something stupid does not mean you are, for instance. Maybe you were simply tired, lost, drunk, angry or hurt.

Please remember that just because something looks or seems personal does not mean it is. We have seen some peculiar things and behaviours lately through the Messenger. Not all calls to wars should be answered, you know. In fact, most should be ignored.

That is why compassion is so important. It helps you steer away from the trap so many people fall into. The trap of thinking you know why people act the way they do, the trap of assumption and of automatic reaction. You can let that person be without defending or justifying yourself for who you are,

Time is precious. It really is. It is always up to you to decide how you are going to spend it.

Sometimes the right thing to do is absolutely nothing. Intervening would simply attract enemy fire if you will. It is possible the other made a random comment that was not necessarily aimed at you. Responding to a general or personal attack from people who may or may not know you, but who have a bone to pick with something you know to be true – or false – may lead to a long battle "of wits", taking you away from your true work, often sabotaging some of the things you put a lot of time and effort into.

Sensibilities are high at this time. So are the needs for acceptance and validation. Be aware of that.

In being yourself (and in letting others be themselves), you have to think long-term, about what is in your higher interest further down the line. That instant "satisfaction" of proving someone else just how clever or right you are now, may come to bite you in the behind later if the way you made your point is not aligned with who you truly are.

Pick your battles is another way of putting it.

Any and all time spent defending/justifying yourself to others who are at a different place in their lives, have different values or beliefs or who have decided you are wrong or "fake" is often a waste of time. For the more efforts you put in to showing them you are genuine, the more they will think they were right about you.

Being yourself. Simply being you. Shining your light with no expectations. Acting in grace, in love, in compassion is often the most powerful point you can make. Others may still hold on to their beliefs/judgment, but they may also be willing to view you as an exception to their rule, even if just for the fact they sense you are different. That you are indeed true to yourself.

Easier said than done, you will say. True. At the very beginning, it may prove to be challenging. However, one you have done it a few times and felt the difference it makes in your life, adopting the practice will come rather easily.

Remember, if others are looking for a battle of beliefs or truths, they will soon get tired of your silence and grace and will find someone else to focus on.

Moreover, spending that time on the battlefield may very well be a part of their learning or development process. It is possible it is the place they need to be to learn some lessons or have certain experiences. Being true to yourself in compassion will prove quite useful for you and beneficial for them.

If you take a moment to be still and quiet, you will know whether or not you need to partake in that lesson. If not, let them find their learning companion.

Mind you, battles are tiring. But if all else has failed for someone to learn an important lesson that will help them grow further, a fight will break out.

Actually, picking your battles may not be that accurate. It may be better said that if anything you are thinking of doing or saying will likely lead to a nasty battle with a probably ugly ending, choosing the path of peace may actually be better.

For you tend to accomplish more when you strive for peace as opposed to self-righteousness (proving you are the one who is right).

Self-Acceptance, or loving yourself as you are is the most important thing you can do. It charts the course of your life and the lessons you get to skip because you learned them on your own.

We know the past Earthly year has been extremely challenging. So often you are surrounded by so much uncertainty that you feel the need to have someone other than you tell you that you are okay as you are. The thing is, if you do not already feel in your heart that you are okay as you are, what others say will never be enough. You are the one who need to plug that hole if you will, or else nothing good anybody else.says about you really stays with you.

The path to self-love and self-acceptance can be a grueling one, but it is worth all the sweat and tears you will put into it. Doing all the hard work now will make for an easier ride in the future.

And in case you did not already know, you are well worth the effort.

This is All.

Much Light and Love to Everyone.

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