By Kauilapele

Posted on December 9, 2011

[pre-note: this was finished about two hours prior to the ]

This post has nothing to do with visible facts, or anything in the news, or any channeling, or whatever. There is nothing I do here except make a note that I sense a great “event” is coming to pass, quite “soon”. And the quotes around both words means I have no idea what those words imply. “Event” might mean “events”, “soon” might mean 5 minutes, a day, a week, a month.

I’m not getting any of this from anywhere, including any reports from anyone. Even or or SaLuSa. So take it for what it’s worth to you. As you sense it.

The sense I get right now is that many of us are being given the “GO” sign for something. This is both individually, collectively, and for the planetary being, we call “Gaia”. I feel this “GO” is big, it will affect a lot of people, and it is going to move many of us forward into something much greater than we may have ever imagined.

I was just watching something on TV (“Bizarre Foods”, with Andrew Zimmern) where he mentioned that, besides eating all those “weird” foods all over the world, he loved to sit down and meet the people of the countries he visited, sit down with them, and, of course, eat (camel ribs, couscous, saffron steamed pigeon toes (or something like that)).

But then when he was with a group of men (in Morocco, I believe) he said something like, “These men are just ordinary working stiffs, trying to make a living, to feed their families, just like you and me.” In other words, trying to “survive”. Kind of leaving the impression that this was what life, for most people, was all about. “Trying to survive.” What a bugger.

Well, THAT is what is leaving. That of “working/doing/being/living to survive“, making money just so you can feed yourself, pay your rent, pay your bills, pay for the “right” to survive on this planet. THAT is leaving. It is LEAVING. In fact, for many of us, it has already left. Even if we still are in the place of having to do some of that, many, including myself, stepped out of the guidance of that a long time ago.

There is something grand coming now. Something that is about a grand beginning to an entirely new paradigm (for most), that is attuned to a Higher Light, a Higher Life, and has nothing at all to do with that “survival” paradigm.

We will be moving, wherever we are needed. We will be moving, often. We will be “called” from within, to go “without” (meaning outside ourselves, into the world). This may mean traveling from one to another , or it may mean traveling from within ourselves, out into various realms of the galaxy. Or maybe something else. We will each get what this means for us.

So do not be surprised if, at this western-world-type holiday season, you are called out of that old western-world-type holiday paradigm, to be, to do, something for, and within, the New Paradigm. See you there!

Source: Kauilapele's blog