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Monday, 19 December, 2011  (posted 20 December, 2011)  

It hardly seems possible that just a few months ago we were talking about the (spring for those in the southern hemisphere) and now we're at the Winter (or Summer) Solstice. We also finally ended Mercury retrograde (that was a relief) although its shadow lasts until Dec. 31, and we celebrate this week and a powerful new . This has been the case the last few months, where everything happens at once as we prepare for our next big event, which is the beginning of 2012. To be honest, we're all so tired and a little overwhelmed by what we've been through in 2011 that we're not so sure about this journey into the new earth. Will it involve more of what we've experienced? Yes and no, but in a vastly different way.

No how you celebrate the holiday season, it's about sharing and caring, giving and receiving, opening our hearts and being part of a day on which the of peace and goodwill are celebrated by much of . And this season has a secret agenda, which is to open people's hearts in preparation for 2012, something that is beginning as strangers reach out to those in need and fulfill their Christmas wishes in ways that are simple acts of giving from the heart.

The message of the Solstice is polarity and contrast, as we experience the shortest day of the year, to be followed by increasingly longer days until the Equinox in the spring. The new moon's message, right before Christmas is to let go of rigid attitudes and beliefs that limit our ability to create from our most powerful aspects and to be open to potential beyond what we can imagine. No matter what we think is possible, the Universe always has something more exciting, fulfilling, fun and wonderful up its sleeve. Are we open to receiving? If we want to enjoy the fullness and blessings of 2012, we need to be.

I hope that you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas this year and as you are celebrating with family or friends, be sure to give time, acknowledgement, love, space, forgiveness and blessings to yourselves. The rush of meeting our obligations and promises can overshadow the true meaning of this holiday period, which is re-birth, renewal and re-connection. We celebrate the birth of hope and peace for humanity, as well as the dawning of a brilliant star in the heavens, reminding us of the divine guidance and protection that is always ours. I am sending you my best wishes for love, joy, peace and abundance this holiday season and may your heart's desires be fulfilled.


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