Message from Archeia Faith
Channeled by:
December 24, 2011

Welcome dear hearts on the Eve of . There are many folks who do not celebrate this seasonal holiday for cultural reasons and beliefs and we honour those beliefs as their right to choose what is of the greatest good for them.

You are aspiring to do and be so much when all you need to be is pure, honest and loving YOU. You are constantly working at developing and redeveloping yourself as you grow and climb in your spiritual journey. During your journey you are hearing about the ; , and .

You Love simply for the act of being a loving being who is nurturing and caring. It is charitable to love another and to do this unconditionally. Your actions, your words and thoughts are filled with charitable and love that pours out from deep within your Divine . Your Wisdom is your internal Fountain of . You have for many things and it’s your Faith that is your Power to create and sustain any endeavour.

It is often heard; many dear ones speak of their own perceived limitations when in fact they have none. Change your way of thinking, develop positive affirmations of yourself and in fact you are the one who is control of your journey. It is you that chooses which way to go. You have the Power to decide what to change and what to settle with. Many are striving for a ‘normal life’, but dear ones, tell me what is normal? What is normal for one is not necessarily the same for another as you both have your own individual, unique thoughts on what is right and good for you.

Your journey will take you on a magnificent adventure. Embrace all that comes your way, giving thanks to the many lessons that appear for you to learn. Believe dear ones, you are going to succeed. But first you mist try. Hope and Faith appears to be most difficult as each of you has progressed from many dire life giving situations. All that you are in the midst of completing, never lose Faith dear ones. Just when you think you cannot carry on another moment, look deep within yourself and ask the angels or your guides to support you with life giving and light that will fulfill both mind, body and spirit. Look deep and see the strength that is there and utilize this strength, turn it into your own personal power that will drive you through the current challenge you are being faced with.

As you increase your Faith, you are automatically hoping that all will be okay. Hope is a beautiful gift that is instilled into all of you. Some hope is very small, but it is there. It is like a spark that needs to be stoked and lighted with love and . Each of you hold so much inside of you that is yet to be discovered. And the best part is that no one has discovered all of their potential yet. Many think they have, when in fact there is more – so much more. I encourage you to continue with your efforts to learn from within and see the Universe from your own inner self and see the beautiful light that is always present. That light is you dear ones. And what a beautiful light you are.

Your Faith in yourself, in your beliefs and in your journey is very powerful dear ones. When you work together with all the brothers and sisters that inhabit the world you are welding together a framework that will sustain all of you as ONE. That is the goal. The victory is not winning any race, war or what have you; it’s working together as one for the mutual purpose of Love, Compassion, Understanding and for Miracles that happen every day. A very simple and brief summary of so much more. There is much work yet to do to build this framework. There are many out there that do not understand, but they will. We of the Divine have Ultimate Faith that ALL will understand their soul mission and ALL will learn to work together as one unit for the greater good of mankind. Divine Timing will set the course on when. Even through all the chaotic havoc that has been going on in the world, I see so much love also.

I see some people have discovered the light within them, seeing for the first time and letting the world know of their new light and new honest selves. It is a wondrous thing to see dear ones. They are, in what seems to be the smallest and minute ways; taking back their power that was taken from them. Oh yes, they are aware they may very well lose their life. They have dear ones made this agreement long before this incarnation they are now in and have settled within themselves and with God and are surrounded by love and light that shines them through the darkness they are in. Don’t sigh with a heavy heart dear ones. Send these dear souls that are fighting and struggling with all they have because they have hope and faith for a better future, your unconditional love that is purely heartfelt and with pure intent. It may seem a small way to help, but it is a light-ful way of helping others that live across the globe. Don’t hold onto your energy for just yourself, be selfless and share your .

The Threefold Flame dear ones, resides within each of you. Stoke this flame; nurture it with your love for yourself. See it magnify itself into a beautiful blaze that is filled with incredible light and overflowing love. Never stop believing in your efforts dear ones. When you reach a point where you feel you are weakening, please call upon me and I will surround you with my brilliant love and light and help uplift your confidence to new heights. My time spent speaking through this dear soul was indeed wonderful and most inspiring to speak to all of you. Happy Holidays dear ones no matter how you celebrate during this time of year. May your days be filled with incredible joy, peace and harmony that shines with love with all you do.

And so it is, Archeia Faith through Julie Miller