30 November 2011

Channeler: Gaia's Daughter of

A new softness has touched upon the Earth. It arrived a few weeks ago. Perhaps you felt its arrival or presence.

While it is quite subtle, like a soothing invisible hug starting from the , quite a number of you have noticed that the "air" feels different somehow. Everybody is surrounded by it, however not all are willing to let the softness in. For one needs to be willing to spend time in stillness to truly experience what it has to bring.

This softness is like an invisible .

Well, to be more accurate, the softness actually activates your being, your light. It brings all the greatness buried deep inside you to the surface if you will. By that We mean it is simply revealing you what is there, it is not giving you anything that was not already yours.

Again, the softness does not come bearing gifts, it simply shows you what your true spirit looks and feels like, so please stay away from the trap of comparison. If you take the time to connect with it, if you open the door to it, it clears away all the dust and the gunk in order to let all that is you be, simply be.

As (a) spirit. As pure light.

If you close your eyes and take a deep breath with intent, you can connect to that soft feeling instantly.

The softness takes you to a new state of being. By that We mean it makes Being – as opposed to doing, "fixing", forcing… – more natural.

Being there for yourself and for others becomes easier. Be it in joy or in sorrow, you are present for whoever needs you without necessarily doing anything. Simply being there – physically or in thoughts/spirit. Sending love, healing, comfort and light in your own personal way.

Feeling blessed to be called upon, even when the situation is a sad one, for you somehow see or feel the sacredness of the shared . To truly, simply be there with the sole intention of presence.

That being there is enough. Even if you believe/think you do not know what to say, allowing that new softness to come into your being, trusting what it is bringing to the world will help you be there through words, actions and transmitted (if you cannot be physically present).

Instinctively, you just know that if you connect to your Source (whatever that means for you), your true spirit will shine, void of all the Earthly illusions or barriers you were told existed.

Words and actions will come from the heart. Fluid. This word/thought/action energy may not be understood right away by you or the receiver(s), but they will soothe nonetheless. Knowingness and understanding will come with time.

Trusting in that softness will guide you whenever you tune into it. It draws upon your inward light and spreads it out, if that makes any sense.

If others notice a change in you and ask you about it, even if they are unaware that they too are being affected, show them to connect/tune in to the softness. Either through the simple method shown above or through a way that comes to you – the softness may open up your abilities to tune in others (with their permission) so you can in turn guide them when they come to you for support.

Remember that while you do not see how bright you shine, others do.

Trust that you can handle whatever comes to you. By that We mean you have the ability to help and empower whoever is attracted to your light. Trust in yourself.

Also know that there is an exchange with all who are drawn to you (with good intent) and whom you are drawn to. The benefits or gifts may not always be tangible, but always there. Opening a multitude of doors – both inwards and outwards. If the true intent is not for the greater good of all, you will sense that, and you will know how to protect yourself in softness and let that person stay in his or her own free will. By that We mean that all parties will make their own individual choice without being influenced in either direction.

Be aware that, when you allow that softness in for clarity and peace, harshness in all its forms – be it words, actions or feelings full of anger, resentment, fear… – becomes more challenging to be around. The two conflicting states of being can be quite draining. Do your best to stay in your softness and block the abrasive energy (words, actions, thoughts, feelings are all energy). Just embody the softness that you feel, and send out softness to others, and then let go. The people you interact with will make their own choices – consciously and unconsciously.

And if you find the harshness too uncomfortable, retreat for a moment (bathroom break, fetching a glass of water) so you can reconnect with the Source, reground and centre, then return to the situation. Or leave if it is possible. Especially if the others are unaware of what they are sending out.

Just be mindful that if you experience a gradual or instant decline of energy or vibration as you walk in a situation or get engaged in a conversation, it may simply be a clash of opposing states of being. Since most Earthlings are used to "tune down" to the lowest vibrations, you are both reacting to the change in energy with the other(s) and within yourself. It is a bit tricky to explain. We know that awareness is all you need to adjust. We are confident you will know what to do.

Always remember to set your boundaries. Know that you (almost) always have a choice to walk out and preserve yourself when things get too much. For instance, We know you cannot leave your car in the middle of a traffic jam or walk out of a meeting. Still, you have more choice than you realize. For sometimes you say this is the only choice you could make… Was it really? Or was it the only "socially acceptable" choice? Meaning you could have done something else – good for yourself and without any harm to others – but it may have fallen a little too much "outside the norm" for your liking.

We could talk at length about this new energy or feeling, but it would be pointless. It is one of these things that is better felt than explained. You must be willing to fully experience it yourself to know exactly what it means for you. How it will change your state of being in its own unique way.

If you are doubtful of this new softness, perhaps because you think you have yet to experience it, reflect back on the past few weeks. On how you have reacted to various daily events. Was your reaction the same it had always been or did some kind of cushion appear in certain situations, softening your actions, words and thoughts in some (mysterious) way?

And in more challenging or sad events, what was your behaviour? Did you step back, worrying about doing/saying the "wrong" thing, as it is usually the case in those circumstances or did you feel drawn to be there for those in need instead? Like the heart telling the brain to go in the 's seat because it has work to do?

This new softness is affecting everybody, but not all Earthlings are aware of that fact. Many – both awakened and asleep – are resisting, refusing to allow themselves to be fully immersed in this new energy. It is normal to be reluctant to trust what you do not see, even if you know deep down that it is pure ("good").

It is about letting go of fear. You see, those willing to let go of fear are experiencing this softness more intensely.

We are not talking about "Earthly" fears, like monsters, government and currency. What We are referring to is the fear of the unknown and the fear of what you cannot see but feel so clearly and profoundly.

Spirit fear if you will – not that the spirit knows fear – but your own human fears and illusions about the boundless spirit that is you. In other words, fear of releasing all the lies you have been told about what it means to be human so your spirit can fully soar.

This softness does not mean that natural disasters or human catastrophes or tragedies will cease to occur. They will not.

However, the reaction to these events will change. Accelerating healing and rebuilding. And that new heart response may very well decrease some of the human-caused disasters, for letting this softness in enhances connectedness.

After all, how can you deliberately do anything that will harm another being directly or indirectly once you know you will be harming yourself as well in the process?

And the more connected you are, doing the "right" thing because the only thing you can do. Even if it seems challenging. Even if it means giving away some of your own comfort and luxuries to others so they can have a better life.

Take some time to get acquainted with this new softness. Let it spread into your entire being.

You are all builders of your world. Trust that you are worthy of accomplishing the mission you came here to do. Let that softness be your guide. It will help you shine.

This is all.

Much Light and Love to Everyone.

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