23 December 2011


Dear souls, what is left of the remnants of the dark on planet is now dissolving under your eyes. Do not be scared, for what is left will allow you to grow like a flower in the sunlight.
As darkness is leaving the bodies of many of your physical bodies, they will soon wake up to the truth of who they are. Your will be left, without darkness within their heart, they will be like a new born baby. They will feel disorientated, lost, scared and ashamed for their past actions. There is no point in holding any grudges against the people who are left in front of you, as these have been used as puppets by the darker energies, inserted within their very soul and keeping them in terror. Their bodies have been too strongly occupied by the darkest forces, for them to be responsible for their own actions.

These new cleaned souls, will need love and nurturing in your societies and deep understanding.
The of baby , born more than 2,000 years ago, also symbolizes the continuous rebirth of your world. All is ever changing, and continuously renewing itself. The three Kings, coming together under the same roof to witness the of a superior being can also be seen as a metaphor. Consider, please, the coming together in alignment with your three centres: your moving, your thinking and your feeling centres. When these three come together under the one roof, which is your physical body, an inner takes place inside of you.
I bless you all, brothers and sisters of Light.
Have a wonderful .
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