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Thursday, 1 December, 2011  

Be thankful this day for Finding .

Finding gratitude is not as easy as going to the grocery store to find what is on your list or finding a coin on the street, but it can be. We find gratitude in moments, such as the moments when we go to the store to find exactly what was needed or the coin on the street. Gratitude is an expression of love for what we have in our life, both material and non-material. When we express love what is received, we become open to receiving more and giving from our . Our life happens in moments and has the mobility to change to match the and love emanating from our heart. Our heart space is the source where all gratitude is truly expressed. The question now becomes, how do we look too our heart space to see, to find gratitude in our daily life?

Our daily life is filled with moments to take for self to find gratitude for what we have and has happened. Personally I start my day with gratitude, by way of mediation. I pause to think of all I asked for and received in my life. Times I find my personal meditation time getting longer and longer, because I find more things to be grateful for. There may be circumstances or situations looking grim, but when we pause in the life to find gratitude we begin to feel better. The reason why we feel better is because we poured and welcome the of love into what is surrounding us. No matter what is surrounding us, we can always find a peaceful moment to give thanks. We not only give thanks for what has happened or happening, we can give thanks for what will happen.

As a culture, we have gotten away from planning our life and foreseeing the desired outcome. When we pray for a certain outcome or item to be delivered to us, in the same moment we have to express gratitude as if it has already shown up in our life. We are now a culture of instant gratification for all we accomplish. Our heart may be in the right place to receive gratification, but was the intention behind? When we have the desired outcome planned in our mind, we grow attachment to it, therefore when the outcome shows up we are unable to recognize it. When we set the intention for an outcome, we have to be clear in the purpose of it and feed it love, and then release it for the already knows what needs to be taken place for the life chosen to happen.

Our life is always happening now, not then, not later, but now. I know the previous paragraph may contradict this one, but let me clarify. The life currently lived is already chosen, however there is free will of the soul to experience other paths. With the experience of other paths, we gain knowledge turned into wisdom for the collective souls to share. This way we have a better understanding of various "walks of life". The Creator, and Ascended Masters are here to guide us on this journey, however only with our permission. For example, when we need assistance with something, we reach out and ask a friend, they do kindly offer their help. The same goes for the Creator, and Ascended Masters. They can witness our life unfolding, but unable to help unless we ask from a pure heart. Through all the side experiences chosen, we eventually end up on our life's path. The way back to our path is through setting the loving intention to fulfill your purpose. While living in the present moment, we currently are planning our future with our thoughts, actions, and intentions.

With the thoughts, actions, and intentions chosen from our doing and life planning, we have a lot to be grateful for. Each moment allows for gratitude to seep through. No matter where we are or what we are doing, all we have to do is pause and take a deep breathe to simply say "Thank You". The words "Thank You" are two of the most powerful words in existence. Those words can impact someone's day or change history. When someone says "Thank You" it creates a cycle of gratitude. Take a moment to remember when someone took time to say "Thank You", how did you feel, how did respond? A "Thank You" can melt a cold heart or crack a stone face. The phrase “Thank You” helps to find the gratitude in self and reflect back what was given. When we find gratitude, we find our authentic self.

Be thankful this day and everyday for finding gratitude in life moments.
Be thankful this day and everyday for creating a cycle of gratitude.
Be thankful this day and everyday for creating your life though love and gratitude.

Return to Happy


A smile cracks the face without reason

I remember the feelings

The joy of being awakening from a lifetime of slumber


Coming into balance

The center of gravity where darkest dark lives

Yet so bright brighter than anything seen

draws me near



A place of once thought comfort

An illusion for all to see

For me to see the truth

This is my wisdom

Cultivating change already in existence


Interstellar light travels to me

Through me

Casted upon life purpose

What I do

Who I truly am

How I live

Claiming I am 

Knowing this life makes me happy

My return to happy

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