I feel we humans (this one included) can really become so focused on what we personally are going thru within these last full stages of ascension, that it is easy to forget all of Life is going thru it with us. That is to say, all of Life is there for us to really connect to and work with… to bring out the best of.

I had the most amazing reading then illuminating conversation with a man who grows cannabis for a living. What an amazing flood gate that opened when we started talking about this particular plant.

He asked if what he does for a living is opposite his spiritual path. I so so so love these moments, these connections. It was the like entire field (not just his, but the pure and consciousness of the cannabis plant stepped in to share as well. It was an exciting moment. Keep in mind as I share, this exchange happened about a week ago, so I may be remembering less or differently than in that moment, but I know I have help in bringing the truth of that moment from the fields!

First of all remember this, ANYTHING that naturally comes from the earth, is good for us and a compliment to us.


As he and I started to really talk about this plant I had seen the cannabis itself (sorta) and that it has not reached it’s full potential and ability as well. It cannot go any further than the humans who plant and harvest it. I thought to myself…. really?

Currently we have two uses for it (ok, more than that, but I am talking about ingesting uses.) We use it to get “stoned” – to avoid feelings within us and bring ourselves to a calmer state within. We also use it as a pain manager – Medical use (if there are more uses, I really don’t know them and I apologize.)

This plant went on to explain that it has the ability to be “programmed” with the energy and intent of the planter to fire up the DNA codes within the plant to completely remove cataracts, cancers, body illnesses of all types.

The man I was absorbed in conversation with was told how to start firing up the codes within this plant and to do a test set so he could see the validation himself.

What we know as true enhances the rest of our life.

The plant itself had reminded us that it is a hardy plant, grows in the worse of conditions, because it is here to serve humanity. To help us help ourselves. It just needed someone who really understands this relationship, first and foremost within themselves. You cannot change outside what has not already changed inside. The true / real alchemist must first be the one who enhances the DNA of this plant.

The plant itself also said there is going to be a huge change in the way we approach medicine in the west in 2-3 years. By this time, this man will have really understood how to ignite the rest of the value in this plant and medicine will seek him out… well, seek out his crop.

The plant also said that we will actually be able to see the change in the DNA structure that allows the cures for various illnesses when perfected.

I was so excited and engrossed in all the potential. It is no wonder why the governments have a real issue with this plant.

He then asked about . How sad they made him. How often he see’s them. He had said he tried to send love and understanding to the pilots, but they keep chemtrailing. Now here is something to really really get excited and participate in:

You cannot change the pilot, for they have free will and personal bias. The ChemTrails themselves… do not. You can change, by focus and intent, the make-up of the chemtrails themselves. Infuse them with love. Love trumps all! Love supports and enhances all life.

Even our most are biased themselves to love. They are created from the field of pure love. You open your to the chemtrails and ifuse their energy to love… they rain down love over the area they are affecting.

We are the alchemist re-membering. We are the ones who is changing life towards pure love once again. It is happening.

Imagine what the farmers can really do. How they can change what we already have. Enlightening the DNA of any crop or animal.

It doesn’t stop here. Take regular tap water, pour your love filled energy into the cup or pot, you have changed the water into heaven. Imagine what happens within when you drink it?

It is so easy to feel helpless when we look at the world around us… but, even in this sharing, there is so so much we can do!

How often do you go to the grocery store? Every single item in that store is biased towards love. Imagine you walked up and down the isles and infused love into every thing… The in a box now become a supplement for life! The mass produced fruits and veggies equally remember who and what they have always been (before the greedy human got a hold of them.)

YOU are that powerful. That incredible. YOU CAN change the world.

With so much love, honor and alchemy energy to all!


Lisa Gawlas