17 December 2011

Channeler: Solene

The One. the merge
Greetings Fellow Travelers. We will explain our presence here today. We are the Ancient One.
The Ancient One is here to make you feel safe. The Ancient One is here only to help in the progression of Self. There is a merging occurring. This merging must happen at this time. There is not much time. The merging must happen now. There can be no resistance to the merging. There must be a balance between the Current Self and the Ancient Self.
The Ancient Self is full of , the Current Self is full of Knowledge.
The Ancient Self is full of Courage. The Current Self is full of .
With the merging of these two selves will come the balance. You have lived this Ancient Self for many lifetimes – this bigness – this grandness, this overwhelming feeling that you had much to do here. You could not be sparred, you could not spared. You were here to be revered and reveled – you were here on a pedestal – up high for all those to see. Who of this land is loyal enough to be with you? This is such a stance. A stance, an ancient gripping condition of hierarchy; an extremeness of contrast.
It does not have to be so.

At this time, the contrast can lessen for you. This middle of the road existence that must happen now is here just for you. You have seen both sides – you have been an absolute student of both sides. This experience of both sides is only for your balance.
You are connected with this Ancient One. This Ancient One with you now has been your strength – has held you up – and saved your life on many occasion. It is now time for your Current Self to rise – rise above. The Current Self is an equal part of this Ancient One. The Ancient One does not own the Self . The Self is not a puppet on a string of the Ancient One. Some of you wear this Ancient One like a cloak. It is no cloak. This ancient one IS you. You have been embodied in this lifetime as the Ancient One.
I am humbled. I am honored.
The one before you now is not here to revel in you – she is not here to revere you – she is not here to worship you – she is here to share with you.
This one knows. This one understands. This one can touch the places in you that no one else can touch. Many souls are coming together at this time to allow facilitation of the merging – the merging with self. Your Self has been calling out – I must merge with self NOW – I decree.
You have asked. It is given. It is here.
This one before you now – she knows not – she most likely doesn’t remember this conversation – she has become very open to the energies and the energies thank her. We will continue many a conversation like this. As the Ancient One understands – they understand the merging. The Ancient One understands the new energies that have occurred and the new position of our solar system, the new position of our earth with our sun, our earth with our moons. All of earth’s creatures understand. They feel the merge, it is your job to keep the gates to your heart open wide, for your soul cannot leave, cannot blossom, cannot share with the one before you until this happens. There is going to be time for you to work this out – this time has been specially designed for you – this time awaits – there will be magic there – this is where you will grow – you have done the work. When you have done the work of stepping into yourself, and now as you do, the merging will have you feeling in complete joy and complete bliss and your heart will open wide. You will not find time in your day to distract yourself from this love. Your creations will blossom, your love will blossom, allow it all to be. Do not hold restriction within yourself. This restriction will only hurt and only become embodied in a physical manifestation – this is not the way to do it. This is not about the physical manifestation of self – this is about the etheric, energetic growth of the Current Self and the Ancient One and the merging of the two creating a third energy that is the most beautiful, most enveloped place that can come to you now – the Current Self understands the challenge and can rise to the occasion.
The Ancient One is pulling you up – supporting you – loving you – knowing you.
For you are – The Ancient One.
Those souls of stubborn quality you must be shown how to love, how to open, how to clear, how to expand without restriction in complete vulnerability as you love, in beauty, in peace and reverence for all things.
For you ARE all things – if you allow them to be.
You are a shining example of ancient wisdom come to this land. Step up to the challenge and embody this ancient wisdom fully within the Current Self. Allow the Current Self to feel fully in your power.
It will be the most empowered place you have ever stood.
This embodied message is for your clarity this day December sixteen, two thousand eleven.