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Thursday, 1 December, 2011  (posted 7 December, 2011)

November Review

Are you feeling it?  That 11/11/11.  Yes!  A shift occurred that amped up the Light quotient.  This is a dispensation that occurred because it was .  It occurred because we have been stepping up to the plate and we asked for the support.  Support is a two-way street.  It takes your to continue forward through the muck and to allow assistance from others, both seen and unseen.  Know your strengths, know your weaknesses and allow both of them to propel you forward.  For when you lean into your weaknesses, you find that the reflection of solution appears, whether it is another person or an idea that forms within you. This is a time of Unity.  That requires your uniqueness and your willingness to share with others.  Your progress is guaranteed, all that is unknown is how easy it will be.  That is determined by your .  We are in the midst of an eclipse sandwich that is fueling release and bringing opportunity for your .  Hopefully you are noticing the undercurrent of support that is here, even if things don’t look too different or too great in physical manifestation yet.  Be still and listen, it will speak to you.

December Overview

This is a month of .  That would ultimately be a continuation of the aforementioned support and unity.  This is 5D we’re building.  At first it’s subtle, it has a refined energetic fail-safe that does not respond to fear.  When fear leads, 5D is inaccessible.  The structure will not form, but the field will speak to you.  It will give you opportunity for improvement, new choice – the empowered choice of Love.  That’s what Love does.  Love has a that will say no when no best serves Love’s growth.  This manifests as challenges in our life, but the adept Lightworker glides through those with the understanding of the long term benefit.  It doesn’t make them completely easy at all times, but as you keep your heart focus you will discover resolution and new solution forming in your life in miraculous ways. 
Empowerment is an interesting one for a Lightworker.  Your work is to have the courage to show up in your life, to claim your sovereignty with unwaivering strength and to have such considerate compassion that it is natural to do no harm.  Two themes came up in relation to December – Lord of the Rings and the story of Set/Osiris/.  In both there is loss, a quest and with great courage and teamwork – exaltation.  In Lord of the Rings a seeming underdog battles great evil, but not alone; support comes in many forms.  And yet individual courage is tested over and over for each one in the group.  This is an extreme example, but it applies to this time.  Where’s your courage and where’s your path?  It will Light its way to you as the time comes.  Your work is to step into it and forge ahead; following the courage of your heart, not your fear.  In many ways, this particular example is indicative of what is going on around the world as the greed faction dismantles.  It won’t happen overnight and we each have a path to follow in relation to it that need not entail participating in it.  Don’t let their drama and their fear-mongering influence your Light.  In the Set/Osiris/ example, it was the action of Set that ultimately brought Osiris and to another level of expansion.  That’s what opposition does, this is the polarity game – inclusion and expansion.  As you reject the opposite (i.e. battle it), you block your own expansion.  As you include it in your strength quotient, you increase or expand your capability.  Ironic, eh?  This is the beauty that is built into this Earth game if you choose to see it.  Of course bad stuff happens at times and we have to readjust.  Become adept, you have it within you.  December will be calling you to this, but understand this 5D field.  It’s your courageous LOVE that builds your new life.  It’s available to you in any situation.  If it doesn’t seem present, seek support. 

December Astrology

We have great astrology supporting our empowerment this month.  We are currently in the gateway of the final eclipses of the year.  On 12/10 we have a full moon lunar eclipse in .  We are releasing a lot of old communication issues along with the assistance of Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius (until 12/13).  This eclipse series is a Sag/Gem pairing, so much thought is going into new forms of communication globally.  Sagittarius is the collective fire sign that tends to act globally and is a studious, thoughtful, communicative sign.  Uranus also goes direct in Aries that day, so expect change to begin to progress.  Uranus and Aries are not usually known for their tact, but it’s sure to be exciting!  This combustible energy is what expansion is all about and as Lightworkers we are well versed in doing no harm and riding the waves.  Surf's definitely up!
On 12/21 we have the as the sun moves into Capricorn.  As we root deeper into winter in the northern hemisphere and spring forth in the southern hemisphere, Capricorn offers us the stability of structure; being prepared yet flowing with the moment.  Globally governments are grasping for control that can no longer be suppressed, unethical corporations are beginning to be exposed further, relationships that aren’t in balance are righting or ridding themselves.  On 12/24 the new moon in Capricorn resets our relationship to our support systems and offers us a new slate for 2012.  On 12/25 Jupiter goes direct in Taurus, sailing us into the new year with no retrograde planets.  Jupiter in Taurus is an abundant alignment and is featured prominently in the energy of the solstice and new moon.  Abundance is all about Love flow, though that’s hard to grasp mentally in a world that is exposing layers of greed.  Here’s where the courage of your heart is tested.  Are you willing to risk for Love?  Are you willing to make wise decisions for Love?  It takes both.  As you set your new moon intentions and honor the deepest, longest night of the year, go within your heart and listen to the desire that you will manifest in 2012.  Then have the courage to Love the unfolding.


Your support is here and your courage is needed.  The heralded time of 2012 is upon you and your choice will build the new world.  You know better than to become mired in the doom and gloom.  You know that your Light is needed in dark places.  You know that .  It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and be the powerful, peaceful warrior that you are.  Each has a different piece of the puzzle.  When you work with Light, you build from the subatomic structure that creates form.  Allow your Light to shine and you will find that what is revealed truly is a blaze of glory.  That is who you are.  Happy December.

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