16 December 2011

Channeler: Gaia's Daughter of

A little goes a very long way.

You see, the way We view it, compassion is the ability to put yourself in another 's shoes. To see the world from their perspective and be supportive even when they handle situation very differently than you would have.

You picture the whole context of that person's experience and you forget about yourself for a little while so that you can be truly present for that person, showing them it is okay to be them – as they are. Even if the behaviour could be perceived as hurtful, you somehow see beyond the acts or the words to realize they did the very best they could under their own specific circumstances.

You may share some insights or personal stories, but only when it supports what the other person is going through or help them move through the experience.

We are talking both about joyful and sad events here.

For even in moments of great joy compassion needs to be around. Sometimes (often) for your own self.

At one point or another in your life, all of you have been in situations where everybody was in a celebratory mood. That is, everybody but you. Everybody has a bad day, remember that. And surrendering to what is, well, is not always easy given the way your works.

And at that time, if you told yourself (in your mind) something like: "It's okay to feel this way Love, you've had a rough day/week/time, and you just do not have the to be able to raise your vibration to that level right now. You can still appreciate the collective happiness and be thankful to be surrounded by this great ".

Chances are that, after a short while, your /soul opened up to the , and you forgot you were having a crappy day.

The reason is simple: you allowed yourself to be yourself, to feel whatever you were feeling, even if it was the opposite of everybody else. You practiced compassion on yourself.

On the other hand, if you told yourself there was something wrong with you for not feeling joyful like everybody else and forced yourself to be happy, you probably felt worse and worse as time went on.

You do not see the wounds you inflict on yourself when you do not accept your difference. The same applies to your behaviour towards other people

Like everything else, compassion starts with the self.

If you have trouble being compassionate towards yourself, being truly compassionate towards anybody else is quite challenging. Sure, you are compassionate to some level, but it often tends to be "half-assed", as only part of you is present in compassion.

When you are fully present and great at the art of self-compassion, it will be extremely healing to the people at the receiving end of your compassion.

As We have said before, a lot of people – both asleep and at various states of wakefulness – often need/want (at a conscious or unconscious level) permission to listen to their hearts, to be true to themselves, especially when it is very different than what is accepted/tolerated by society. Your society's hold on people is faltering, but still quite strong. Conformity kills the soul, but serves society well.

So there is a lot of people waiting for confirmation that is safe and okay to follow their heart/soul and burn all the different masks they wear.

Your compassion may be just what they had been waiting for.

The smallest things often make the biggest difference at the soul level.

You have no idea how powerfully healing it can be for a fellow Earthling to hear you say "How you handled things is perfectly alright with me. I am there for you if you need anything." For so many times, people take the behaviour of others personally, when in fact that person just did what they could to manage the situation. When you are in pain or in fear, all you are thinking about is finding that lifeline and hold on until the storm passes. People do strange (and hurtful) things when they are in survival mode, but it has nothing to do with you.

It takes a compassionate heart to see that.

Remember that there can be no compassion if is present. neutralizes anything that was said/done before or after acts or words of compassion have been given.

You see judgment stings really badly and that sting makes all the softness of compassion evaporates. Like a sting on the soul/spirit.

You know how it feels to be wrapped in a warm, soft blanket, and you know how getting stung feels on the body. How sharp it is. How it tends to linger.

Well that is what compassion and judgment feel like at the spirit level.

Even when you do indeed "know better", keep that advice to yourself. What some of your forget is that "better knowing" is about your own life/journey. While it may be pertinent somewhere down the line for that other person, it may not necessarily be so right now.

Compassion is also about knowing when to bite your tongue, you see. Yes, We are all connected, We are one, but the Oneness here on Earth is different than what it is when you are in spirit. And while the notion of Oneness has greatly evolved and is still expanding on the Planet, it is doing so at a personal level.

When you are tuned into that oneness, perceptiveness guides you. You know intuitively at what level (of oneness and wakefulness) the other person is, and you know what to say and what must stay with you alone. You understand where they are on their journey and can respond to that, while remaining where you are in your own journey (vibrationally, energetically and so on).

The way We see and experience Oneness is quite different than what is being expressed – from the descriptions and explanations the Messenger had read/heard.

Whatever is going on in the lives of others – and your own – you can make a world of difference just by giving them/yourself the gift of compassion.

It is free, and it changes the life of all of those who receive it.

We cannot think of a better gift to offer the world.

This is All.

Much Light and Love to Everyone.

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