19 December 2011

Channeler: DL Zeta

The holidays are doorways to higher understanding because they offer opportunities to access and heal painful emotions of the past. Our willingness to embrace and heal these emotions is our greatest ally in creating the that is a key to achieving fifth-dimensional . Energetic bookmarks – locations in where is held – often coalesce around holidays and can be triggered each year at the same time. We don't have to live in fear or dread of painful memories, however. Instead, we can see these as portals into our own emotional landscape. As we gain and insight into our emotions, we are able to open to the messages of troubled and turbulent times in our lives. These messages have the power to transport us to a new zip code on the map of our higher .

The Emotional Level of Consciousness

The emotional level of our being is located between the conscious and minds. Since emotions exist in the realm of the "unseen", they are a sub-level of the mind. We can see the emotional level as a bridge — or a great gaping chasm — between the conscious and minds.

Your Emotions Are Gatekeepers to Higher Consciousness

The emotional level exists between your conscious and subconscious minds, serving as a gatekeeper. This is by design. Until a person enters a place of peace and love within themselves, they won’t gain access to the vast array of advanced abilities that reside within their higher self. In this way, the emotional level is a built-in protection mechanism. If you're challenged with navigating physical and the realm of the emotions, you're not yet ready to take on the unknown and untested waters of the . Imagine this as akin to serving as of a small boat. If you’re unable to safely a boat on a small lake, you will not likely be assigned captainship of a larger boat sailing vast uncharted oceans.

We offer here some techniques for healing and clearing your emotions, which will allow you to cultivate inner peace.

The Importance of Taking Responsibility

The condition of your emotional body determines whether your emotions serve as a bridge or an obstacle to accessing your subconscious mind. It’s impossible to achieve emotional freedom until you take 100% responsibility for everything in your reality.

If you have a backlog of unresolved emotional issues, your emotions are easily triggered by events, people and circumstances in your environment. This constant emotional upheaval can lead you to "buy into" the illusion of victimhood, scarcity, self-doubt and other scenarios that leave you feeling helpless and disempowered. Helplessness and disempowerment lead to denser emotions that are triggered and catalyzed by self-pity. Self-pity at its core is a denial of the infinite nature of your being and the vast capabilities of your spirit. It leads to an ever denser array of negative emotions that can bar access to the subconscious.

When you exist in a peaceful place within yourself, you’re able to travel at will between your conscious and subconscious minds.

Discovering Emotional Triggers

In order to clear residual emotions, you will need to examine every aspect of your present reality to discover emotional triggers. While many of your emotional triggers date back to childhood, you can find access points through events unfolding within your present moment. If you keep unraveling the strings binding you to turbulent emotions, you will find these emotions are, at the source, wounded and suffering younger aspects of yourself. In other words, the emotional "wounding" happened at a point before you understood how the universe works – a point before you understood how everything that happens to you is helping you grow and learn. Once you see this, you’re far less likely to feel injured or wounded by the events, people, or circumstances in your life.

There may have been times when you felt the actions of others a 'judgment' against you, or an indication of your self-worth. You’re likely to have created situations similar to your original wounding throughout your life. This makes it possible to work with your childhood wound within the present timeframe without excavating the past to find the point of original wounding (though you may at some point choose to undertake this examination of the past as part of your healing process).

To gain awareness of emotional wounds operating in your present moment, pay close attention to circumstances that trigger denser emotions. If it helps, carry a small notebook and note emotional triggers you observe. As you bring awareness to emotional triggers, you lessen their power over you.

Discovering Your 'Sacred' Wound

Many of your emotional triggers trace back to an emotional wound you experienced early in your life, usually by age 7 or 8, though not always. There are many different forms this wounding can take, including the death of a parent, a severe illness or accident, a seeming abandonment or other loss. All sacred wounds have in common an emotional trauma that went into “cellular memory.” Over the years, the essence of this sacred wound is re-energized in various situations in an unconscious attempt to gain understanding of the wound so it can be healed and released. Sometimes, a sacred wound isn't healed in a lifetime. In this case, the essence of the wound is carried forward into the next incarnation where the wound is recreated.

If you choose to gain awareness of your original or “sacred” wound, you can begin by writing a simple autobiography of your life, touching on the emotional highs and lows. Pay close attention to events that still hold an emotional charge. These events reveal to you wounded aspects of yourself still emotionally trapped in time. You can heal and release these aspects by shining the light of your present-moment awareness on them.

This triggering adds density and weight to every rite of passage you undertake. The triggering of unresolved emotional energy is one of the main reasons some turn back from a rite of passage. Transformational periods will bring up unresolved emotions in an effort to purge them. To some, this clearing and cleansing may seem unbearably painful. It’s ultimately the willingness to face all that "comes up" that allows one to take the leap within themselves that leads to the emotional freedom that is the gatekeeper to higher consciousness.

The Nature of the Wounded Self

Inside every person there exists wounded aspects that are most often “wounded child” aspects. These aspects of your self "take on" unresolved emotions throughout your life. Whenever something in your present moment triggers and awakens this wounded self, you experience not only the emotion of what’s happening now, but your wounded emotional body that contains the accumulated wounds of a lifetime. It may seem at times that you are reliving every troubled emotion you have ever experienced.

Accepting the Gifts of Your Wounded Self

Those times when your wounded self calls forth the full menu of your troubled emotions are valuable times when you can access emotions and work with them to bring about healing. You can do this by sitting with your wounded self and undertaking a review of circumstances tied to the emotions. When you allow yourself to "re-see" the situations that created troubled emotions from the light of a higher consciousness, you bring about healing to wounded aspects of yourself and being held around situations from your past.

Foremost among these past situations will be moments from your present lifetime, though these wounded scenarios may also be connected to experiences carried over from past lives.

By seeing troubled emotions from a detached and elevated perspective, you’re able to understand the higher purpose for creating a situation. Once you see the higher purpose of your creations, you have effectively transformed it into an ally rather than a "problem."

Excerpt from The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta
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