Another prophetic Mayan artifact fights its way through the ordered blackout of such discoveries, finally making its way into the mainstream news. (Countless artifacts discovered throughout and that have the ability to reveal the true history of our planet have been ordered 'buried' by the world controllers as soon as they have been unburied by archaeologists.) Concealed within a wooden box and hidden away within a storeroom most of the time since its discovery (a date no one seems to be sure of or willing to say), at the National Institute of Anthropology & History in City, , rests a piece of Mayan artwork that has the potential to be among the most significant archaeological discoveries of all time.

Corroborating the Mayan artifact that stands as prophecy that December the 21st, 2012, will mark the beginning of a new age in ’s journey is the Comalcalco Brick, which was discovered within the Comalcalco ruins of Southern Mexico. Arturo Mendez, for the institute, states that the Comalcalco Brick was one of thousands of bricks used in a rare construction method of an ancient Mayan , and has been carefully studied, although (for undisclosed reasons) has never been displayed publicly. The Comalcalco Brick had also been mysteriously covered with stucco material while it was mounted within the wall and turned inward towards the wall at some point to conceal its prophetic message. No official word yet on who attempted to conceal this prophecy, although the modus operandi fits well with the usual lot of darkworkers rather than Mayan elders.

The Comalcalco Brick contains an inscription carved or molded on the face of the brick which marks the end of the 13th Baktun, which is also the period the Mayan Long Count calendar ends, and which will be completed on December the 21st, of 2012, a day which many believe will signify humanity’s birth into a new age of our collective experience.