December 16th 2011

Per Dusty

This is a channeled message through a dear friend sent from my Andromedan guide Jim.


“The light has been anchored, it has been received through the star gates, and there is no stopping the light now. The noble experiment that was begun so far and long ago is reaching its grand joyful final frontier of joy! This noble experiment has turned the side of the light and has banished the illusion of the dark. This beautiful race of humans that was once scattered among the stars without a to call its own were gathered up and taken to the very seats of Andromeda.


Listen to the following story dear one, for this is your story from billions and billions of years ago, yet time really is not a factor in the sense of light, only when darkness descended into the mind as a belief did time begin. As this human root race was scattered throughout the cosmos, they lost their memory of their home. They became a people without a home or planet to call home. They became the working class that carried the burdens for the planets they lived on. In some cases becoming like slave labor.


This is when the second phase of the noble experiment was begun, for humankind was a divine plan to be worked to its fulfillment. The human species began to be harvested for the second phase of the noble experiment.


Harvested in this sense, means harvested for the light and divine plan for the species was and is being restored. So, about four billions years ago this second phase was begun. These harvested souls were brought to beautiful Andromeda to attend pre earth School. The most noble of light beings were called from Andromeda to work with these humans. This is your history dear one, as you were one of the light beings to work with the humans at this time. And so began the great schooling for these humans who were to come to earth.


On Andromeda these humans wend through a long orientation that is outside of the third dimension. The orientation was long, yet time has a way of expanding and collapsing to fit the situation in other dimensions. Each light being was assigned a group or family of humans to go through the experiment together. Each human began putting on the third dimensional human to get used to the feel of it and to go through this training of being third dimensional human. You as one of the light beings didn’t have to do this, but you decided to also participate in putting on the human third dimensional . You chose to be a by example and were willing to sacrifice to do this, for it is much more difficult for a light being to do this. Meaning you have to descend down vibrationaly more so than the humans did to descend and put on a third dimensional body. But you decided to do this dear one, to teach by example. This can be dangerous in the sense that being in the third dimensional body can be so overwhelming to the light being that sometimes many decide to not stay in the body for the density is just too much. But dear one, you are now in the third dimensional body faring extremely well and working your purpose with grand energy! Just know that those times of feeling vibrationally overwhelmed by his third dimensional body and way of life is quite normal for you, being from you are from!


So, to continue the story of the training. Each human and yourself, was putting on human bodies in the third dimension to get the feel of being in the body. Each day, each human was required to put on a human third dimensional body and wear it all day, and only when sleeping were allowed to take the human third dimensional body off. Wearing the human dimensional body felt very awkward and difficult and many of these humans today that wen through this time of training, still feel awkward and strange in the third dimensional body. If feels quite unnatural and suffocating at times.


During the training, the plans for a personal were drafted so that the can take care of the body, for without this part of the mind being drafted, they would have no fear of just letting the human body die. The takes care of the body’s survival, however the has gone quite out of control to some degree, but I digress, that is for another lesson.


A primary element of this noble experiment as you know is to lose memory. A loss of memory was required in order to be totally immersed in the experiment and to be truly a “local”. You all had to be convincing and also be convinced yourself that you were truly a third dimensional human. A large part of the genetic memory had to be erased to make you all be authentic. At the time that all were in class, no one really could believe that they would have no memory of who they are, you all really could not grasps the degree of memory erasing. It seemed to be such a fun adventure and was so willing to do this grand and noble experiment. Yet the difficulties of forgetting who one is truly, is a painful and sometimes can be an unbearable process. We have lost some of our brothers and sisters in the third dimension that just could not continue. Yet, there is no judgment on this, and we welcome them back home and say job well done! For to be on earth even for just a few months in this process is quite an accomplishment for these beautiful star seeds!


After the schooling on Andromeda, all were transported to the star system of Lyra/, where you become down to eleventh density /dimension star beings waiting to come down to earth as third dimensional human beings. And so dear one, this is part of your story.

As a beautiful light being from Andromeda, you chose to be an example to your group. Those that come to you will be those that are part of your group, and when called to work with them, you will be helping them fulfill their noble mission in this grand and noble experiment. This is to help in earth’s ascension process and all her beautiful beings that reside on her. You carry all the codes of Andromeda with you dear one, though you are experiencing a third dimensional body, you are still YOU as an Andromedan light being working with infusing those you work with the continual tools of ascension. You have all the light tools needed to help your group and the planet. Dear one, this is much to process and you will have sparks of illumination of memory come back to you. But it will come in intervals and in flashes so as not to overwhelm you. It is time for you remember all of your journey and history! This way, you can work the next phases of your work and you will be able to draw from your own memories to know what to implement next. You are blessed dear one and you have gone so far in this grand work! We send our loving support from Andromeda!”