The subject of the Sacred Fire is a very vast area of understanding of which we may only touch upon its essence here. Due to its increasing importance in the ascension process, Children of the Sun Foundation initiates a call to all light servers for its greater application, especially as this concerns our personal processes of  transfiguration and focused transmissions across the Crystalline Christ Grid. We ask  those light servers who are  in resonance, to do any further research and assist with communicating this information as it best aligns to your inner guidance and personal mission.


The Importance of the Sacred Fire

~ Call for Greater Application ~



As we continue to greatly expand our conscious perception with our Mighty I AM , it is now imperative to make dynamic and continual application with the Sacred Fire each and every day. We are also encouraged to openly share and teach everyone about the Sacred Fire, what it is and how to apply it in daily life.

This subject matter is being brought to the forefront of our attention due to the intensification of the great Cosmic Rays flooding on to our planet creating a narrowing window of time in which certain activities of transformation must be accomplished. The exponential quickening of planetary energy necessitates an immediate reprioritizing of life activity to insure that our highest focus is placed upon efforts of personal transformation and ascending consciousness.

Those choosing ascension in this timeline are soon to experience passage through the so referred, "eye of the needle" in which the human blueprint is completely transfigured into a fire body of Divine , a living in form. The Ascended Masters have shared time and time again and are now repeating that, in order for the vast majority of us to accomplish this goal, focused attention and utmost sincerity in application of the Sacred Fire is absolutely necessary.

Many of us are doing an excellent job in sharing these advanced understandings. We are now encouraged to substantially boost our activity in this regard. This also includes stepped up activity in our invocations and transmissions through the Crystalline Grid in order to reach more of Humanity and areas of the world with this alchemical flame activity.

This especially concerns the Sacred Fire as it is applied to:

1. Continued purification of the human condition and systems of separation

2. Transmutation of all misqualified electronic activity

3. Protection from a greater level of unleashing chaotic resistances

4. Spiritual activation to increase our of service to the human race

May we clearly understand that the Cosmic Law of the Sacred Fire does not apply itself. We must make invocation to and apply the Sacred Fire through our own conscious efforts in order to achieve desired results. This means that each of us must make dynamic, rhythmic application through concentrated daily focus in order to return ourselves and all life into the Patterns of Perfection.

The Sacred Fire is Pure God Presence and Power


The patterns of Divine Perfection are imprinted within every electron of all life substance. These patterns are held in place through the power of primal light substance referred to as the Sacred Fire, the great Heart Flame of all Creation!

The Sacred Fire is a highly concentrated activity of light, a luminous that is qualified with specific focuses of God Perfection. It is a mighty current of energy that, when consciously invoked, has directing intelligence in its many forms of expression.

The great Ascended Masters come to us as this directing God Intelligence of the Sacred Fire, each with a specialized activity of service to Earth. May we increasingly call upon their assistance, together with the supporting angels, fire devas and great elemental beings, as we draw forth and direct these sacred flames through ourselves and through all physical plane matter… to assist in bringing forth our new Golden Age!

How to Apply the Sacred Fire

The miracle of the Sacred Fire can be accessed from within the altar of our own Heart Flame.  When our personality self is in Divine Coherence with the I AM Presence within, we can affect momentous movement for the expression of Mother Father God in the outer world. Inner balance, harmony and a confident, peace commanding Presence are the prerequisites to initiating all action of the Sacred Fire .

Through invocation and intention, these focuses of the great flames of life can be projected forth to fill our bodies, a room, a city, the world.  

An effective way to powerfully magnetize the transformative activity of the flames is through constancy and the rhythmic use of Invocations and Decrees. We will get more and more of these to you in the days and weeks ahead.

Examples of the Great Flames to the Earth

There are uncountable expressions of the Sacred Fire. We give you these following four examples since they comprise some of the great Divine Dispensations to the Earth. They are also most intimately connected to our three fold heart flame of Love, and Power and that place of the sacred pulsing activity which abides the Super Electron and Creation Flame of our Mighty I AM Presence within.

Call forth and use these great Divine Powers for your transformation and also that of our sacred planet.


Platinum Cosmic Light of Union

platinumThis highly potent and highly transformative metallic platinum frequency is sourced at the multi-universal level and is bridged to the Earth through the vast consciousness energy fields of solar radiation . It is directed to us through our physical sun.

It produces spontaneous transformation through the field of Zero Point awareness. Its action on Earth is fusion and synthesis to for ultimate re-polarization. The Platinum Ray is a “stepped up”, all inclusive container of the seven primary ray energies. This flame may be called upon for resurrection, ascension and union.

The of Transmutation

violet_flameThrough the Love of our Mother Father God comes the great Violet Flame,  deeply cleansing and purifying through its powerful action of consummation, transmutation,  mercy and forgiveness.

You may call upon this divine fire to assist you in dissolving the human condition, and false appearances. It charges everything with victorious achievement through the power of Divine Love in action. When calling disharmonious energy into the Violet Flame, command it to be transmuted and returned to Love… its cause, core, record, effect and memory.

We are inspired to use the Violet Flame every day with great intensity on our own human consciousness. Visualize it blazing up around the body, engulfing you and filling the points of light in every cell. It will give you indescribable freedom.

The Blue Flame of Divine Power

blue_flameThe all-powerful Blue Flame to the Earth, often referred to as the Cosmic Christ Blue Lightning, is likened to a charged bolt of electricity capable of instantly shattering all illusion. Its main action is un-trenching and loosening dense substance from its resisting hold.

This flame may also be called upon for strength, power and protection. It can hold any destructive force inactive.



The Gold Flame of Divine Wisdom

gold_flameThe Gold Flame of All Christ Illumination is the Sacred Fire of the Great Central Sun's Love to Earth. It is the light intelligence of perfection, Christ Consciousness, enlightenment and immortality.

As the flame of the master , its action qualifies all life with wisdom, intuition, discernment and a peace commanding presence. It greatly assists in the unification of spirit and matter and can be called forth into all situations requiring a balance of polarity through acceptance and illumined understanding.


The Rose Pink Flame of Divine Love

pink_flameThe Rose Pink Flame brings the tremendous magnetic embrace of the Mother's Presence. This Sacred Fire Love fills all inter-stellar space in the Universe out of which every object, planet and sun is formed in a state of Universal Perfection.

This influence of Divine Love, Will and Grace is here to assist Humanity into Christ Consciousness and the glorious embodied expression of the I AM Presence.

Call upon and use the Rose Pink Fire to love, to heal, to bless, to expand, to alchemize and to manifest the greater Love of the I AM Presence in yourself and all people on the Earth.

Source: Children of the Sun