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Monday, 7 November, 2011  (posted 12 December, 2011)  

Our relationship with time is not linear although time is a linear of the third dimension. The process of reconciling our relationship with time is an aspect of our mastery journey as we mature (and it's a process of 'growing up') into accepting and connecting with our power to see ourselves as being in of time so that we work with it in ways that serve us. What we know as time is actually a process of fulfillment to create the best outcome at exactly the right moment. When we are spiritually mature we understand time as simply a of how long it takes for our own to align with the of to manifest what we want. But we have an agenda and it is our time agenda that often gets in our way.

Our time agenda is related to the 'when' of , i.e. how long we think creation should take or when we want things to manifest but within our time agenda is an undercurrent of fear that corresponds to our desire for validation, closure, meeting our needs and, in some cases, rescuing us from the product of something we have created in the past. Within our time agenda is our fear of what might happen if something doesn't turn out or if we don't get satisfaction when we need and want it. The question is, can we release our agenda and the control we think it gives us and move into surrender, where we allow to occur, without needing to control every step of the process?

The responds to our energy but it doesn't respond to our agenda because it recognizes that the agenda often contains everything that we most need to resolve and heal so it bypasses the agenda and, from our perspective 'makes us wait'. That is what it feels like, but it 't what happens. What happens is that we want rescuing and the , knowing that, is compelled to give us time to remember who is in control of our life, and it isn't the . We are an integral part of the co-creation formula and when we forget it the sends us a gentle reminder, usually in the form of what we call lessons in patience. How long does something take to complete? As long as is necessary for perfection, which may be a nanosecond or a century. But what's more important, getting it right for our soul's growth or getting it done at the right time?

Time is not our enemy although it can feel like that. Time is just one aspect of the third dimension, the movement of energy through density. Nothing takes any longer to manifest here, we just think it does because we're in time instead of being in creation.  Using our energy focus on creation instead of wishing it didn't take so long is one way that we use time to its best advantage and actually shorten the manifestation process. The more we focus on time the more we create density and that only serves to slow manifestation. The more we are aware of our time agenda and use that awareness to heal and transform our fears the less we have to work with time and the faster we can create our heaven on earth.

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