This is the last before arrives and I can imagine that increasing and mental strain from trying to maintain order and organization during this hectic time is affecting many. If you are reading these words and you are the one in your family that is responsible for setting the tempo and tone the holidays then this is the week that you want to pay extra attention to balance and self-care.


Gaia (earth) is positioned in the heavens where she is currently aligned with the of the universe and great waves of cosmic light and radiance are being sent to her from the Great Ones of the central sun and the of Universes. These waves of light are anchoring in the crystalline grid that surrounds Gaia. The is a new power of nonresistance that will propel our beautiful planetary home higher towards her next evolutionary nature.


Since we have a primordial relationship with Gaia we are also being affected by these new infusions of intelligence and vitality. To remain aligned with Harmony and the cosmic issues at hand we will need to remember that whenever Gaia refines her vibratory signature it starts a chain reaction that has direct consequences upon our lives. Our connectedness with her does not allow for a separation of paths even when we have last minute shopping, baking, decorating, etc.



So what is important to remember is that our emotions may be extra sensitive as we are in the throws of multi-tasking both human and ascension chores this week. Our biggest challenge may be keeping our emotions under control and not antagonizing a family member with sarcasm or angry retorts. As the pressure builds from the we may feel the need to let off some steam. Try to do so appropriately and not use your relatives as a psychic punching bag. If emotional whirlwinds get the best of you s-l-o-w down and detach from external factors and focus on the state of &;being&; that you desire to embody. In this deeper awareness you won’t be influenced by external events. Emanating love, joy, and peace from within you can change any moment into a positive one.


This is also a good time to strengthen the immune system. Anxiety and stress over holiday functions and tasks plus integrating new frequencies of Light intelligence may overload the physical body. Make sure you are staying on target with your diet and health matters. Stock up on vitamins, nuts, seeds, cereals, grains, and herbal remedies from a health-food store so that what should be festive occasions don’t wind up exhausting and depleting your energy reserves.


This week also anchors the sacred turning point of the in the Northern Hemisphere as the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn. The sun has reached its lowest daily arc in the sky and now will climb higher for the next six months. Ancient cultures portrayed this in their myths as the birth of a solar hero, messiah, or savior. This is why the religion of Christianity places the birth of Jesus so close to the beginning of Capricorn. No matter what your religious beliefs may be, every human has an opportunity at this time to experience an enlightened rebirth of some kind — physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually.

Explore all options of ways to create Harmony this week my friends. Living as a Spiritual Being having a human experience requires relying on the advice from our intuitive, or Soul, mind and not the human brain. It is one of the greatest resources we have within us for it is what connects us to the Creator Source. It has a never-ending supply of fresh ideas and creative thoughts just waiting for us. It will always point us in the right direction and help us make the “highest” decision in every situation if we will only listen. It brings us together with our Soul family and those whom we have something special to share. It inspires and assists us in ways that open the flood gates of abundance, and in manifesting our highest visions when they are in alignment with the greatest good for all.


During this Christmas week feast on the inspired thoughts and fresh creative ideas that will pour forth effortlessly when you KNOW you are a co-creator of all that is harmoniously beautiful, loving and of the highest order!

Your Holiday Awakening Angel,