Greetings ~

Give yourself a deep breath and feel into the Truth of this:

Each of us carries a ‘Peace’ of the Great Coming Together.

Now, imagine this Peace is contained with a Dream Seed.

What is a Dream Seed?

Look at the symbol …


Centered at the of this sacred container is a Dream Seed. A soul-calling. A Vision. A seed of possibility.

Now imagine this 2012 New Year, and this New Age

… the Fifth World of the Great Coming Together …

is an open field of , vast and richly fertile. Our Dream Seeds, carried forward with Love and Gratitude, will grow a diverse, new, thriving Garden of Illuminated Hearts … to nourish and strengthen our current and future generations.

What we plant now will grow, rise and bear seeds. Our Dreams, passions, intentions, thoughts, and soul-callings — in all their diversity –will cross-pollinate and inter-weave, bringing forth new possibilities and evolutionary expressions of the Divine, here on Earth.

A Great Coming Together, indeed.

As you are ready to grow … to activate and bring forth the divinely designed DreamSeed within you … join us for a 42 Day Blooming Humans 2012 New Years wave.

Growing through this 42 day wave together, we will be:

==> Calibrating our Thoughts, Vibrations and Energetic Presence in a Great Coming Together of Hearts and Minds World Wide

==> Attuning to the Cyclic nature of creation while accessing our personal power and Inner Knowing

==> Consciously bringing forward our ‘Peace’ of the Great Coming Together.

As One Heart, we will grow forth in Gratitude and BLOOM!

We begin January 1st, 2012.

May this New Year be filled with Love, Gratitude and blessings beyond measure. We are grateful to be on this journey together, and thank you — each and every One — for gathering together to Dream a New World into being.

Thank you, Beloveds, for sharing your stories, insights, ah-ha’s. Thank you including us in your prayers, for supporting our work, and for playing forward the of Love and Gratitude!

Happy Blooming New Year to One and ALL!

Ukehi Shi’bijii (Thank you for being our Hearts!)

and the ground crew of Go Gratitude!

P.S. As we prepare to begin a New Year, consider creating sacred space to re-discover all there is to be grateful for. Let us celebrate our achievements, giving thanks for All that IS. Let us Honor what makes our HeartFire burn brightly, and feel the Great-Full-Ness of Life.

By charging our fields with this Source Force energy, we are preparing our inner landscape … tilling and fertilizing the soil of the Soul, so to speak … to receive, embrace and give life to our intentions, visions and Dreams.

Ready to get your grow on Together? Join us for the 2012 Blooming Humans New Years Wave, here:

P.P.S For those who were having trouble accessing our page before, we fixed our site and this link (above)