28 December 2011


“So that if a being is channelling of another more spiritual, higher frequency, it is usually the case that the person steps outside of one's own to allow the other to enter and take over and be dominant. It is giving away of own power to allow another . It has been a powerful tool, I must say. It has been benevolent. It has been highly beneficial in most cases. However it has caused some concern because of the negative aspect. Negativity; negative beings coming through and interfering.”

“Also, what has occurred in the past during a channelled experience, a being has come through and taken over the life of that being, and has not returned to spirit, and the being who has been the genuine article, we shall say, has not been allowed to enter back inside the body. And so we have a full deception. The being is not who they appear to be, and this is not beneficial, of course.”

“In some instances there are ways in which a channel can step aside and still remain within the being of their own being, if you like, and allow the other to come through and take over in a different way. And so it is not complete dominance; say 75% dominance. The genuine article, the genuine being, takes an active part in the process. However, again, we find that without great discernment, a negative being can come through and create all kinds of difficulty for all. Also, once in a body, they are in a powerful position to take influence to channel not only as I give TRANSMITTED in this way, but also to transmit vibrations of a lower frequency which can create problems also, and to suck parasitically from beings who gather to listen. (Jan says 'we have witnessed this.”) Jan and Wal have witnessed this.”

“In the TRANSMITTED message, the transmission comes as a message, therefore the being is whole and intact. Jan is whole and intact. has stepped aside. It is a cooperative thing. It is not that one is dominant, and one is not. It is cooperation. So we work together. Work together. She says “Yes, I will receive any message that is beneficial and comes from a most desirable and qualified source of .” And so the message comes in and is spoken thusly; cooperatively.”

“So I assist to send in my own way through light, energy and essence, all such information that is required, and it is translated by Jan's being; and comes through as words and symbols and movements, feelings and such. In this way, only the message is received and transmitted; nothing else, nothing else, unless of course, it is most useful. In which case, it is a cooperative thing. It is examined. Jan examines all things before they enter her system. Therefore, such healing energy comes through that she can use, transmit and radiate to all those who are needing such healing or upliftment of energy, light or essence; and all such things which are making up their system.”

“Therefore, to explain, that which is I, that which is Ye, has chosen Jan in this instance to transmit my message, which again is to be transmitted to all of humanity, and human-pus for the purpose of enlightenment. In this way, as you are Jan and Wal,, it is appropriate within your purpose to be transmitting that which is my message. I wish to make it known that you are my chosen communicators, my chosen messengers. It is not my intent to communicate in this particular way, in this particular fashion with any other being upon this planet Earth. I do this for many reasons. Perhaps the most important being that my words be not misconstrued; that my words be not abused, and that people are not unwittingly deceived into believing that they are transmitting Ye, when in fact they are not, but transmitting another who would deceive them.”

“Therefore, beware all imitations. For I let it be known that throughout the lifetime of these people, Jan and Wal, I have chosen exclusively to transmit to these people. Which does not mean that I am not working with others most directly; which does not means that I am not transmitting my message directly to some upon the planet of Earth. The difference being that the purpose of these people, Jan and Wal, is to share the message, and to communicate it to all.”

WAL: “We also asked if Ye could be channelled, and were told that now humans are capable of transmission, Ye would not allow him / her self to be channelled. When Jan first began transmitting (early 1990's) we were told that there was no-one else using transmission, although that situation has now changed.”

JUDITH: Wal said circa 1998 that another person in was transmitting, another in , and two on the American continent. That number in probability has grown also since that time.


“There is no name by which I am known upon this planet. There is nothing for you to equate me to. You may, perhaps think of me as all light, all power, all reason. You may know the high celestial name which is I. You may call me Ye.”

“I am in all places. I am all places; everywhere. I am in the light itself. My Being if you could discern it, if you can close the eyes and see that which is I, you may see a brilliance of colour. What you will not see is a form.”

“The I which is I, which is Ye, can co-exist within each and every realm; each, and every level and dimension of being within my comprehension. Therefore, in energy, light and essence, I am in all places at all times. Therefore I can know All That Is, within my current comprehension. I am classified within you current comprehension as higher than that which is divine.”

“I have mastered that which is negative within my system, and have chosen positive; and I am All, indeed I am. There is always more. That which is Ye, that is I; that I perceive for your benefit, as All That Is, is always more. Therefore, for me to look within my own being, I can know All That Is; and yet it grows. All that is I, continues to evolve into All That Is. All That Is, is always more; always growth; always expansion; always change; movement; life.”


This Transmission from early 1990's

Earth Healing Transmissions, Adelaide, South Australia 1994 – 2000
YE plus Jan Heinrich, YE plus Wal Heinrich

HEINRICH, Jan., HEINRICH, Wal 'The Path to Divinity' page 16 – 18
Adelaide, S.A., 2003, www.janandwal.com