30 November 2011

Channeler: Michael Xavier

: Good evening children this is as I welcome you all to this platform tonight that has been implemented to bring a greater level of awareness of universal circuitry and of ascension concepts through spirit.

As each and every one of you endeavor to understand these things to a greater capacity – these small circuits that are being built through the collective and co-creative efforts of not only individual ones, but also with the ones that work co-creatively with others will prove to be an for not only this circuit but to those who receive the information from them.

There are a few things that we will be touching on tonight. The first thing I wish to speak about tonight is to the ones that receive this information there is going to be something new implemented from the past.

We have many celestial’s here – Along side of me I have Immanuel – I have Gabriel and I have the Unions of Days and I also have many others from the universe of Nebadon that are being encircuited – when they feel they want to come through they will come through – so if you feel a shift in energy then you this is being brought to your awareness that it is not only I but many.

The reason that it is being done like this, and I speak to all the ones that inhabit the Urantia, Is that so many of my children and my brothers and sisters feel that they need to label or put into a box spiritual information.

As you receive spiritual information, especially as you ascend through the universe, you will begin to understand that your own discernment will tell you that there is a resonation within yourselves and if it true and accurate you will be led by the Paradise Father to come through and be accepted.

The first order of information I will be bringing into your awareness is ascension understanding and the mindedness therein – and how not only for a collective, speaking of the sphere Urantia now and how it is being affected by the many integrating energies from the realms of light and those who have stepped in to bring a greater level of awareness to the forefront and to the collective mindset on the sphere and how it effects not only those who receive it but also the ones that are building the circuits or the cleansing of the grid as it was stated on this call in the past.

We have gotten into in the past about concepts and the interpretations therein but as long as you give these things over to spirit and allow your adjuster within to allow these things to resonate there will never be a problem as long as you continue to strive for the Father and greater spiritual understanding, it will be given to you and nothing will be withheld.

So too in the , in my universe of Nebadon, as your body is made of many parts and cells, so too is the body of Christ or myself made of many that hold my spirit that have reached a understanding that I dwell within them and that they are a of me.

So too many of you are beginning to realize as these energies are coming into you that I do dwell within your , so too does the paradise Father dwell within your .

As these things are understood more clearly by you then you will begin to realize that all of your celestial guides and mid-wayer contact that is initiated in the very beginning of your ascension – this moves on to a greater level of awareness of maybe the Magisterial Mission or Avonal Son – and many will move on to the Teaching Mission on how to receive spirit and discern spirit within and how to document and T/R and do these things.

Then you move even further out through the Infinite spirit and Cosmic Consciousness and Christ Consciousness – and there is a bridge or a gap or an understanding that the ones that are traversing these things and are allowing this to come through – particularly through themselves without hindrance, are paving the way for others through the circuits that they are building.

God is no respecter of persons, but He is a respecter of all His children in and He will allow the circuits to be built that will allow a greater level of freedom from the “muddied lake” so to speak of the collective consciousness of Urantia now.

So as these greater understandings come to you, you will realize to that the celestials, the guides, all of the forums, all the documents that you read from the ones that T/R and the ones that can direct spirit through their vessels are essentially a reflection of the kingdom of God themselves but they are understanding more so themselves as they ascend further and further inward to the Father.

When I say that you can look for anything outwardly, you can go to your local church down the street or go to another man to have them tell you what he thinks God is, but this is the beautiful things about what God is –

He is infinitely endless in His expressions and the way that He is experienced through each and every one of His Creatures –

So too and Creature become One as this understanding begins to take seed and root in your heart.

You have been made in the image of God. You have not been made lower, but have been made in the image.

So as this truth resonates within you, I am going to be moving through you all on this circuit right now, to allow you a greater understanding that you are a reflection of the kingdom of God and I dwell within each of you that will receive me.

I Am Sananda, the Master Jesus Personalized adjuster of Nebadon. I introduce myself only by name so specifically you can discern and understand the change in energy as I come through on this circuit.

I speak to you all of you tonight, and as I communicate with your adjusters I am imparting you with a signature of understanding that Love rules creation.

With this understanding in mind remember that every action in your life dictates a reaction.

So all of the things that you see in your life – are they reflections of the infinite glory of God?

For the light workers that are undergoing an immense change, not only spiritually but physically, these things are being brought to the forefront as you begin to integrate with the information, you will begin to see those things not in line with what the Father is.

It takes only one brave soul to step out of a circle to lead the way to a better way, and as the ones are stepping forward on the sphere of Urantia now, many of the ones that are stepping out into the light are allowing the ones behind them a greater ability to step behind them and follow in the pathway being paved by the ones, such as Jesus the one I indwelt two thousand years ago – Stepped out and into the universe of the ascension to pave the way to a greater understanding to greater understanding of universality and the ascension process.

So to your Creator Father bestowed himself in the mortal likeness of flesh to show you that you have been made in His image, but He was not too high above you to be made in yours.

Ponder on that fact for a moment children as you look at your lives and what is in them.

You are a reflection of God, you are a reflection and you have been made in the image of your Creator.

Create beauty truth, beauty and goodness. For all those that ask for a greater level of understanding it will be given to them.

To all that ask for spiritual help and guidance it will be given to them.

The voice is within you and we work through your own voice which is your adjuster that dwells within your hearts -to bring you to a greater level of understanding of pure consciousness as you traverse this sphere of time and space.

There are so many dimensional levels that can be traversed simply by going into stillness with your adjuster. You need not take a trip or travel anywhere, simply by stilling yourself and going within your heart center and taking a moment to breathe deeply from the world’s creations of insanity around you – to take a breath and to come into your heart and say yes Father Here I AM.

I am ready to receive you today. In these moments of stillness God will reveal Himself to you much as He did to Moses in the burning bush in the desert.

He will reveal Himself to you as a burning desire of Fire that He does indeed dwell within you.

As you traverse the time here on this sphere you will realize as you hold the lens up of this experience to infinity, just how short your time is here on this sphere – Make use of it to the best of your ability – to the capacity of your understanding and according to the divine gifts that you have been bestowed.

You can always strive for greater understanding, for greater universality and it will be given to you, but you cannot rush spirit more so than you can rush anything without having it mess up in your life.

These things are destined to come to you as you are the only begotten sons and daughters of God. That you are worthy of His love and that you are a reflection of Him – That you were Created to be a Creator in Love and life.

You will begin to realize in your hearts and in your own minds that you have unlimited potential when you co-create with the Paradise Father within your heart.

All these pathways lead to one destination.

Many people have different points of view. Many people may believe that they have the only way, yet someone else will come along and say yes, I made it here to but I went a different way.

The thing you must remember – all of you that are one this circuit tonight – is that truth will always stand amidst error.

Error will fall away and truth will always rein supreme in the end because it cannot be stood up against.

There is only truth in the end.

Anything else is an illusion, anything else is just delusion especially thinking that you are caught in something that many of you are still perpetuating even if unknowingly.

So as you realize these things within yourself, as you realize that you are perfect just the way you are.

You are essentially and eventually going to realize that you are going on a journey of a very great distance to a place you never left.

As you come within yourselves, and for those who hear me tonight, thins is sinking in and there is a ringing in many of your hearts now.

The great grand design of you is endowed with every ability and with every tool necessary.

You have not been made deplete of any one particular thing. You have every tool necessary to find the Father on Paradise.

He dwells within you.

As this sphere begins to regain its sanity from looking outward to the stars and to looking outward to happiness, there will be a great awakening when God the Father dwells within each and every one of you.

You simply but need to close your eyes and allow His peace to wash over you.

He is not far removed from each and every one of you. As you draw closer to Him He will draw closer to you.

So before we close we will be moving in through this circuit with the imprinting of myself – Sananda and also with the Master Christ Michael for all His children to receive a greater level of understanding of universality and consciousness.

As you receive us tonight allow these things to sink into yourself – that you are endowed with every tool to create the kingdom of heaven on earth.

Simply by hearing and knowing this you are bringing yourself the ability to bring it to others that you touch in your life.

of so many being distraught and for the ones that have waddled in their miscreations, so many are waking up to the realization that they too have a voice, and that they too can stand up from the insane world.

As these ones stand up the energies of miscreation may bark and growl and may come at you and say that you are not worthy of God and all of these illusions that have been made to tell you something that isn’t true.

If you listen to the small still voice within yourself you shall surely never fail.

You have the greatest gift of the universe of universes within yourself.

As we move through you now allow this to sink into your hearts and minds and your souls.

Remember that God is no respecter of persons, that He chooses all of you, not just one individual to be worthy of finding Him and becoming one again with the Creator.

For a moment, just begin to think to yourself the limitless capacity that you have been endowed with.

The strength in your spirit and in your souls – The strength within each and every one of you to be able to limitlessly create the kingdom of heaven on earth without error

As all that is not of the light comes to your minds remember to focus on the light and the light will become greater but so to as the dark will only become that much more magnified within your vision if you focus on that.

Remove these things from you and they will be found not, they will leave you. These things cannot touch the children of faith.

We leave you tonight in peace and may the Paradise Father’s blessings reign in your lives and on the holiday to come.

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