29 November 2011

Channeler: Jules Robi

“I am one of four Archangels you call us. Celestial Beings, very close to the Creator. Blessed and blessing. Messengers between the Creator and other beings on other planets, not just earth.

We are each beings from beyond this three dimensional reality. I have come to teach you about 4th dimensional reality, although I exist in other dimensions as well.

My gifts, my goals, on a general level, is to, of course, to raise human consciousness, of course. Specifically, my gifts include the tools that I have shared with you. The ability to communicate with beings such as yourself in the particular spacesuits that you’re in, in three dimensional reality. My gifts include, an awareness of other dimensions, teaching, learning, sharing.

My responsibilities include sharing, with worthy beings, tools which will give solace and comfort and provide passage, to beings such as yourself. Though I can do things like, make grass grow, turn grass green, I can with the divas, the elementals, helping to facilitate Creation. I am, as I am teaching you, helping to facilitate Creation.

Not only am I of the weather, I am also a great gardener, and I care for the planet herself. And so, when you wish to grow something, you may invoke me as well.

Each of the Archangels has the ability to facilitate Creation in various aspects. So, in that sense, we are all aspects of one temperament, of one mission, of one intent. To carry out, and to facility, and to enhance, and to and abet the flow of consciousness of evolution as it flows back to Source. We do whatever we do, to enhance that process. We each have certain specialties, if you will.

And what you experience as different angels, different saints, we are all aspects of Source, of the Godhead.

The that is coming through, can and should be attributed to the being that you’re calling Uriel. This is the Archangel who stands on the threshold into whose chambers you have come, and there needs to be a certain acknowledgement, honoring, of the source of this .

I, with my coral, pink, yellow glowing light of fire, and by the water that I carry, heal by traversing the paradox and expressing and allowing experience of the place beyond the opposites.

Being an Archangel, there is no “I – ness&; about us, there is no ego identity, therefore we do not use the “I&;. “We&; are also a collective of energies, not just one.
And this has been done over the ages as well. This is not new. Uriel has been a friend of human kind since the beginning. It is not necessary for you to think of these things, the particulars of our being. It is of interest of course, but know us by Uriel, and no, we have no “I – ness” about us.

We are of course, all expressions of the Oneness of the Creator, as you are. And we have a particular vibration, which enables us to express and access certain healing modalities. And of course, we are always happy to be of service to humanity on this planet and beings on many other countless planets, as well.

We are here at this time and this place in your world, to facilitate the transition, the traversing of the void between 3rd and 4th dimension, for the planet, for the beings of the planet, providing you with, the tools, the modalities that will help you help others traverse, make it through the void, so to speak.

We are multi-dimensional, energetic frequencies, and as you move through the dimensions and learn to traverse the void, to move freely back and forth, you will experience the multi-dimensionality of yourselves.

We are a band of energies, we are a collection of vibrational frequencies, and certain of these bands within us, are accessible to you. As the work progresses, you may experience more and more bands within us. But we are not uni-dimensional, we are not one being.

All of us are multi-dimensional bands of frequencies of energies, which you are able to access based on your own physical vehicle. Another initiate may experience us differently because of their physical vehicle.

There are many initiates across the planet. We see them as little pink conk shells. Little spirals. We see them, over the planet. And yes, we are working with the woman on the Internet. We are working with many others, not just in this country, in many, many places on the planet, equally distanced, spread out in a manner of geographic relevance, so that all of the initiates are not located in one venue, but rather spread across the entire planet so that the birthing will be balanced and harmonious.

We have come to witness this of the earth, as well as to be in some sense, midwives, bringing information to share, helping with the process. Of course the is up to the mother herself, and yet we would bring a certain presence to the experience, a certain knowledge. And so, you may consider us the midwives coming to help with the process, coming to assist. All of the universe, all of the beings of all of the dimensions will come, to witness, to spur on, to be there for the . It is an honor. We are not unaccustomed to this role. We have birthed other planets, other universes, other galaxies, and yet now, our focus is here.

There will be loses, there will be changes, there will be species that are lost as the earth is birthed into 4th dimension. Like the structures, the physical structures, the institutional structures, the earth plane structures, those that are harmonious with the vibrational frequencies of 4th dimension will prevail in 4th dimension, will take the journey and come out of the birth canal. And those that are not compatible, will not. And so, we see some species, which are not compatible with 4th dimensional energies.

These are natural, as in occurrences in nature. Nature’s way, nature prevails. Nature will take care of everything, and I, and the rest of the beings, which I refer collectively as we, Uriel, will serve to usher this birth, to be a for this birth, for all those who would call upon me.

In fact, this is what we have come to do. To be the midwife for the planet’s, as you call, ascension, or birth into 4th dimension. It’s interesting to think of 5th dimension, 6th dimension, 7th dimension, however, our should be focused, our intention should be focused, and is very much needed, to ensure a smooth passage into the 4th dimension for the earth herself and for all who would travel there with her.

The birth is imminent and so we share with those who are able to receive and share. There are various bands within our being that we share. Different bands downloaded to different receivers, if you well. And so, for the most part, we are touching souls, asking permission to share.

We want this material to be potent. We want this material to make a difference in your world. We want this material shared with as many souls who have the ears to listen, who have the ears to hear.

Yes, we do see you practicing with the tools and this practice will develop great skill, much like a and your knowledge will be not only in your , but your heart and your hands. It will be natural.

Your hands are the hands of the angels. We have no corporeal hands and so we must ask you, for example, to offer up your hands to do our work.

Yes this is a reality. This is quite necessary for the angels to have connection with the humans. You feel the need to have connection with the angels as if it were all one way, but it is not. The angels need corporeal hands, feet, in order to accomplish their work in this world. And so practicing, learning, allowing your hands to be the hands of the angels, is critical for both angels and humans.

And so yes, we see the changes escalating on every front. Faster, faster, much like labor contractions come more closely together, and with greater intensity. Much like that, for it is a birth experience.

This is a birthing that we are offering our services as midwives, that we are working, sharing information through you, to be shared with others of like mind.

We exist beyond time, beyond pressure, and we know that all that is happening is in Divine Order. We live in that faith. We see it happening. The urgency is coming from the fear.

The urgency is coming from the feeling of a lack of time, of impending changes, for the negative. And so the urgency does not come from us.

We are here, we are sharing, we are loving you. We will not suggest that you dilly-dally, and not apply yourself to this task. And on the other hand, do not create more frenzy for yourself or others by feeling pressure. It only adds to that fear vibration. It adds to that intensity of the changes of the earth. It’s vibrating at that frequency.

Stand in your knowing. Stand in the teachings we are sharing with you. Stand fast, steadfast, in the knowing that yes, there will be changes, and yes, often we don’t know what exactly those will be. We ask, we pray, we use the tools to mitigate and soften these changes. And there will be changes.

Imagine a toolbox filled with tools. This is the gift that will be given. The Lightworkers Toolbox, an assortment of tools for any given situation, guaranteed to transmute energy.

And so it goes. Taken together, they are a remarkable collection of 4th dimension techniques for transmuting energy.

And the honor is ours that you come to listen to the words of Uriel, to listen to the teachings, to open yourselves to the possibilities that the 4th dimension holds.

To experience me, in your ordinary waking reality, practice the breathing of the beautiful, pink, yellow, coral light. Breathe in my essence and I will exhale. Breathe out my essence and I will inhale. Breathe in the beautiful, coral light. Let it suffuse your being, so that you can always experience me, as present with you, simply by breathing.

That is my essence, that is my breath. That is my life force that I share with you.

Let us sit in each other’s presence."

Archangel Uriel