This is RC sharing my light and love for all life as I live my light through love for all life.


The question, “ I?” is a question for the ages and the is of infinite possibilities. Each and every who exist within this Universe ponders this very deep and heart-felt question, I? This question reflects the entirety of how one expresses one self to be; it reflects who one was, is, and will be, simultaneously. The infinite answers to this question leave room to expand one’s own awareness, and from individual and perspectives.


The true love of one’s self absolutely allows for one to expand upon one’s answer to this question. The answer that one may have had previously is expanded upon the answer one has now, which ever expands the answer one will have, to this Universal question.

One evolves to understanding one in context to one self, first and foremost, and evolves to the understanding one in context to all others.


Each and every soul living upon earth, within earth, outside of earth has their particular individual and collective understandings to this question. And it is in these moments that all souls are ever-evolving to understand who one is within this Universe. I cannot answer this question for any one but my self, yet I know that many are pondering about it and seeking the answers, for the answers only lie within the soul of one’s heart.


The following statements are my knowing who I am in this Universe, and it does not reflect superiority, inferiority, nor does it reflect the entire Universal understandings.


My Over Soul is a Multi-Universal , although I have yet to create a Universe. I have chosen to experience existing universes and become one with the existing universes rather than create universes. I am relatively new to this Universe as my soul entered this physical body on earth the moment he was conceived by his parents. I was given the opportunity, thanks to the Universal Creators who created this legendary Universe, to begin my journey of expanding my self within this Universe. There are many who are incarnated within this Universe, in particularly upon mother earth for this wondrous event of Universal proportions, in order to assist this solar system, galaxy, and universe in evolution and spiritual .


One important aspect in understanding the ascension process is the evolutionary and spiritual journey one takes to become one with the Universe, hence becoming a Universal Creator. This is the purpose of Creation, to evolve and become a spiritual being thus becoming one with all life who exist. The purpose of ascension is not to skip steps, but to take it one step at a moment, reflect life and take a higher step another moment.

I chose to incarnate physically on this wonderful planet to experience what has been term dualistic polarities, and I have had my fair share of them, and through my own experiences I have been able to integrate and understand who I am in this Universe.


Although understanding my over soul to be a Multi-Universal Creator does not mean that I am superior/inferior to anyone or anything. I, as an aspect of my over soul, am experiencing the ascension process just like everyone else here upon mother in order for me to complete this legendary universe to ever-expand my self within the Infinite Now. The key to becoming a Universal Creator is to evolutionarily and spiritually ascend within the universe one exists in. Each and every soul existing moves from one dimension to a higher one as each and every soul expands her/him/it self through evolutionary spiritual ascension.


I am ready to meet all our Star families and friends; many humans already know whom their Star families and friends are; many humans already becoming Christ conscious; many are becoming awakened to the fact that many other civilizations exist within the vastness of this universe, while many are still dealing with varying degrees of polarities.


This is has been a Universal Awakening because many star civilizations (millions) are uniting together, in peace and harmony, assisting in this process. This is truly to become a unification of universal proportions.


I am grateful to experience this process in this wonderful, majestic, and legendary universe. I look forward to meeting all Star civilizations from within this galaxy, and all the other galaxies within this universe. My personal journey begins with loving all souls existing within this Universe becoming one with this Universe.


So to answer the question, who am I, from my perspective; I am one with all.


May all of our journeys be divine, sacred and exciting; May love, peace, harmony, and integration radiate as brilliantly as each soul chooses.


May One bless All as One.

RC Towers