Message from , Lady
Channeled by:
December 26, 2011

The great outpouring of you are feeling is not only from the giving and of the holiday season that is present all over this fine Earthly globe, but because you are a -giving being that gives unconditionally of themselves ALL the time. During such an energetic time of year, the energies are high and easily can become overwhelming; especially if you are empathic towards others and their emotions and unsaid feelings. Open your dear ones to the fullness of all that is within your I AM . Add your unconditional love in all you that you do. When you move through your daily tasks with love instead of with the Ego, you will feel this expansion in your heart dear ones. As you let in more love, you are also giving more of yourself. When you experience Divine Love, your Ego will not be involved. By this time you will have learned to keep your Ego at bay, and allow your love giving heart to be your TRUE guide to eternal happiness, love and joy.

As you more often are able to work together for the greater of good, even at work on a project you will notice a peace develop and surround all that is involved. It is this peace that is being sought, not just in the workplace, home or school; but across the world. Peace is to begin with each of you, from finding peace within yourselves. Dig dear ones, become honestly aware of who you are; what makes you unique from the next person. Take in all aspects of yourself and find peace from what you find. Love yourself without being Egocentric. This means to love yourself purely and honestly from your hearts dear ones. Leaving out all the niceties that you have applied onto yourself. Love yourself in the ways we of the Divine love you. We do not love you for your well applied make-up, for expensive clothes, or for your academic achievements. We love you as you simply are. We see you climb repeatedly through many challenges that have brought many tears and upset. We embraced you each step of the way. The courage, determination and love for perseverance is what creates your beautiful light and character. Yet again there is much more that goes into creating your BEAUTIFUL self that can been seen from the heart.

Working together, finding a happy union that brings together ideas and concepts for a mutual endeavour is what we wish and want for everyone. We of the Divine are well aware that confrontation is likely as many workplaces, places of study, even in family life there are complications. You must rise above any past problems and find common ground to get what is needed to be done. I BELIEVE you have the to do this as you are not limitless. You have the ability to achieve anything you want to as long as you think with the right frame of mind and practice the Law of Application. Apply yourself diligently and with firm focus. Your efforts will bring you to success. Do not allow yourself to get derailed, stay on track and keep applying yourself. Make a plan, a map of what it is you want to achieve and map how or what it will take to get there. Give yourself mini awards after every achievement. This will aid in your confidence to continue to reach your desired goal. Be open to possible change as sometimes what it is that you want, may change midstream. I will guide you if you ask for my assistance and so will the many angels and your guides that surround you constantly. All you need to do is reach either with words in your mind or from spoken word that is said with the purest intent of your heart.

If you remain strong, grounded and totally focused in calling forth your I AM Presence into action, there is nothing within your physical world that can obstruct your path. There are ways around every appearing obstacle. Think clearly and as calmly as possible. It is okay if you need to step back to give yourself to observe later with fresh eyes. Some of you meditate on a problem or troubling situation. Remain strong and true and BELIEVE dear ones in your own abilities. You are stronger and much more capable than you realize. You have shown us and yourself time and again the truth to these words many times when you have been pushed into an impossible corner and come through even stronger than ever. Every step you take on your journey will become easier as you are gaining so much wisdom and knowledge not just from your own experiences but from others that have been willing to open up and share with you.

Even for a few precious moments, let go of all concerns and give yourself to light and love of God. Allow God to enter your heart and fill your spirit. Let this entrance of God’s Presence become one with your own. Embrace this moment, touch it if you can, drink in the that you will derive from allowing yourself to dissolve into God’s love and HIS precious light. You will be able to feel HIS vastness when you are ready to take such a momentous step on your spiritual journey. When you are ready to let go of all your concerns for those few moments, you are also allowing yourself to be open to your own vulnerably. Being vulnerable is not a weakness as many perceive. Being able to show your vulnerable side is a growth and development that will effect not only your spiritual journey but your day-to-day life. Showing your vulnerable side does mean you are taking a risk at being ridiculed by others who may not be ready to open their hearts that wide. Each of you are at a different place and each will find reactions from others and even themselves to be unique. Show yourself and your brothers and sisters compassion, love and kindness; the same as you show unto others. You are after all, a child of God; created in HIS likeness and are deserving of unconditional love, compassion, kindness and so much more. God does bestow upon all children equal love as to HIS eyes, you are ALL equal no matter where you are currently on the miraculous journey you are experiencing.

I am pleased dear ones of today’s transmission through this beloved vessel, chosen today by God HIM-self to speak to all of you. You shall meet your fullest potential as you apply your greatest effort always. Give your love without expectations in return. I love you dear ones, always and never-ending.

And so it is, Ascended Master, Lady Nada through Julie Miller