Message from , Hilarion
Channeled by:
December 23, 2011

Welcome Hearts; my own unconditional, loving pours out warm love that tingles as it touches you and deep green light which is my own auric/energy light.

The TRUTH is a very powerful and noble word. It holds action that speaks volumes dear ones. The way you speak and act your truth makes a significant difference. To speak plainly and openly offers much opportunity to step on toes and hurt people’s feelings. No what the reason dear ones, when talking to another, speak from the heart. Make a point to not over-step yourself and hurt someone. Part of your every day, constant challenge is your interactions with diverse people. Your day goes much smoother when everyone is working, acting and speaking from their hearts. All it takes is one ill placed word to someone that may find the topic of choice personal, and then the air fills with thick animosity. I know it is hard biting back your tongue, if you are truly an outspoken . Remember dear ones, there are many different kinds of people that mingle with you and that live across this fine globe. And each on has a different personality. There will be those that are complete opposite of you. Find it in your heart dear ones to treat all people with dignity and respect that is derived from your love giving heart.

When go within yourself to seek the truth that is there, it will set you free. What has been hiding inside of you for so long needs to be released dear ones. Some of what you are holding onto is old and needs to be changed, removed. As you continue to grow and change, so does your beliefs. Reduce as much that you can in your life so you can live a life filled with as much pure love and light as possible. Give yourself the gift of freedom from worry often. Allow yourself to relax through meditation, walks with nature, tap into the wondrous effects of aromatherapy, etc. Find time for self-care and you will be rewarded greatly by your efforts. These rewards will come from within. Your heart center will expand as it is becoming calm and opening to receiving more light from the gentle beings that surround you often.

Speak the Truth dear ones but speak without criticizing others or condemning them for their own beliefs. Act as God as you move closer to the union of One with Father God and with all your brothers and sisters. Embrace each person regardless of what they believe and love them equally as Father God loves each of you equally. When you are in a situation dear ones and you feel yourself becoming heated, stop yourself before you say something you will regret and can’t take back. Look within yourself to see where this is coming from. See your own truth to what is causing the upset. Chances are it’s not the person you are talking to or what they are doing, but at the same time, the entire situation could be a trigger to something you have not dealt with yet. Think hard and deeply dear ones. Re-evaluation of oneself will be done many times throughout your recent earthly incarnation.

You are bound to stumble once in awhile. It is your stumbling that gives you your lessons and challenges. You develop and grow so much wisdom from the knowledge you discover not only of yourself, but of the world around you. You then expand your area of knowledge seeking information and become informed on a greater scale. Your self-education will never end, as you are always curious and you have an inner need of knowing how things work. You are drawn to what it is you need to learn and you learn it well. Do not compare yourself to another dear ones as each of you are at a different place on the journey to the Oneness of yourself and of Father God. Seek your peers for guidance and support dear ones. Because of your different learning stages of your spiritual journey, each of you has so much to offer each other. Share, love and be kind dear ones.

Your heart is pulsating with so much that gives unconditionally more times that you might realize. As you go through your day, make a point of acting through heart more often. A little at t time until that is all you do. Eventually you will no longer second guess yourself as you build confidence in your intuition. My deep forest green aura will surround you, letting you know of my presence when you call upon me for loving guidance, support and comfort. You will reach your Divine Destiny. It’s only a matter of Divine Time. Take your time, enjoy the lessons you have and learn them well. What you learn will help forward you on your personal and spiritual development.

It is time dear ones to depart. I feel her energy waning – our dear vessel has stretched herself thin of late. As we love her, we love all of you equally. My love for you Beloved Hearts is as endless as Time.

And so it is, Ascended Master Hilarion through Julie Miller