25 January 2012

~, Channel

I come forward to speak to you at this time. A time of great remembrance. Cellular remembrance, brought forward through the changing vibrational energies of the ethers, through your etheric bodies to filter into the higher chambers of your heart. These energies mingle with your cellular structure, traveling throughout the physical and finally merging with the same higher vibrational frequencies entering through the Soul Star chakra to the Crown chakra, merging into the . So here is unity of your Heart chakra my friends in this great year of emergence, 2012.

Pure Energy Intake

It is therefore vital for your progression that you embrace ‘pure.’ Pure air to breathe in order that your life giving lungs can function at optimum strength. The higher frequencies filtrating through the lung walls to merge and activate the Thymus chakra, creating positive speech of compassionate . flowing from the heart unity of Christ/, activated from the Light cells of the Soul Star through the Pineal gland – merging as you speak, as you feel, as you love.

Pure water to be taken into the to refurbish and generate each and every cell, assisting in your body’s wellness. Strengthening your life force, bringing you a pureness of . This life force, so vital to you is a sacred core of your being. It must be nourished correctly if you are to embrace this year of changing frequencies. Through this sacred core, which also feeds your chakric system, flows the great Light – the wondrous cells from the Creator anchor into, and through, all of your bodies. You are indeed a sacred vessel as you stand on this planet Earth.

is also required – without . I have spoken of this previously but I remind you again now due to the importance of this issue. Be mindful of ‘pure.’ Pure water, pure food. Nourish your sacred vessel, your physical, emotional and mental bodies well.

You may ask why I speak of this. It is because you are transcending my friend. The process has already begun, some 15 years ago. Yes, this year of 2012 is significant but do not expect to magically transform to a higher frequency of Light in a day, or even a night, no. It is a process. You are now at a point where a strong Light body is required. You could liken this at your present evolvement, as a loose shell of Light, protecting your lower and higher physical, mental and emotional bodies as your cellular structure transcends to anchor and hold more Light. Eventually, becoming Light.

As you are transcending, the cellular change is gradual. The filters in pure Light frequencies to your physical body. The existing Light body must be strong as the new energies are becoming much stronger, particularly through the coming year.

Physical Symptoms

Some of you are already experiencing symptoms of transcendence. Feeling unwell with no clear symptoms, frequent ringing and ache in the ears, feeling lethargic, agitation with no cause, headaches, feeling a ‘thick’ and heavy head, aching of the skeletal body. These are some of the more frequent symptoms. All with no cause, simply a feeling or an unexplained pain. The lower bodies are adjusting you see. All of this is occurring while you are experiencing life on Earth. You may ask “why? Why can’t I just incarnate when the change in frequencies is complete? Then I needn't worry.”

My friend your voice is needed to restructure the way things are done currently in business,in banks, in governments. These things are also changing, as they must. So you see transformation is occurring on every level. Through the cellular transcendence you will change your thoughts, your words, and your priorities.

For now I urge each of you to nourish and strengthen your Light body. This will keep your three lower bodies strong as they need to be, in order to transcend into the higher bodies, and further into Light..

Heart Unity

You can indeed feel the wondrous heart unity available to each of you. A mergence through the higher heart to that of the Creator/God. Heart unity. Mergence. True bliss and magnificence. We create. We serve the Creator/God. You are beginning to understand this now. You feel it.

In this we do indeed serve each other and God.

Peace and purity to you


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