Channeler: Dr. Madalyn Kennedy

Friday, Jan 13, 2012

Welcome back! We are one with you again this morning.

I am the Great Sphinx of Giza. I have guarded this and its many treasures, some secret some not, for a long long time. My guardianship period is soon coming to a close because the duty I perform will no longer be required. This will be a wonderful for all of humanity when this happens. I can raise up and walk the with my brothers and sisters and all will be as it should be again.

Until then, I wait, watch, protect, and keep silent of the secrets I know. I do speak. You are hearing me and as for your nose giving you a slight , it’s just my way of saying to you 'welcome to my world, my , my '. See, my nose has given me a slight problem also even though we all are very serious about our ; we all have great humor within us. There needs to be humor, joy and laughter. Remember to enjoy your every breath as you occupy the human form of over cover. Joy, laughter helps you to relax and assimilate our love and messages.

(*There was a lot of people and activity going on around me as I was sitting quietly receiving these messages and at one point I thought I would just go ahead and leave for the temple but then this message came through)

I am RA and I too am here to welcome and be with you. There is no outside noise or disturbance that can stop our work with you today. Float yourself into the sounds and you will find us there smiling. The Isis temple will be ready for you when you arrive so just breathe and be with us here at the sphinx for now.

As of now, no one has noticed much change. However much has changed. Egypt rule has changed. there was a change across other countries that were much required. The period of now is only temporary. The changes will continue until the vibrations across the face of the earth planet have been raised to the levels necessary for our return without any harm to the human forms. The human forms are temporary and of which many of your messengers are well aware. It is only to contain your light bodies until the time for release is upon the whole planet.

It is time now for us to begin again, but all is well. We have been working with you and others for a long time. Even at the beginning of time this period of working together was planned. For now you are an anomaly to the people walking and talking around you but you should know that they feel the and are not sure why they are drawn to stand by you. They want to be close to the energetic vibrations that are coming through to you, that's all. (5 symbols)

I am the Great Sphinx of Giza and I thank you for coming to listen to me now. We are all celebrating you because you are here and doing as your inner guidance requested. You are so loved! The Pharaohs of Egypt bow to you as you continue with your work to awaken the people to the power and key importance of Egypt. We will all help guide and advise you. You just need to listen and when you feel upset and sad, stop yourself and turn to us. Things will become clear to you shortly after that. Your communications with us will continue when you return to your home because the connection has now become solid and permanent with us from here.

At ISIS – Temple (the outside ruins – there were two other temples with carvings and hieroglyphs)

I am ISIS and I'm so happy you have come to my temples to remember much that has been forgotten. Again much is kept hidden and secret but as you are beginning to understand, all will be revealed soon.
This temple was beautiful and still is in the invisible dimension connected here. When the great pyramid complex is shown, all of these temples will be shown also, just as they were planned in their completeness and wondrous beauty and power.

Many adepts have passed through these temple corridors and those from the past, present and future will come together at this glorious time of awakening. Much happiness for all. (symbol)

I am ISIS and you are always welcome here in my house and in all of my houses of magic and love. See everything was situated in close proximity to everything here and there was much activity. Different temples for different levels of my priestess. Much activity, learning, training and work went on here under the supervision of my most cherished high priestesses for me. They had my authority to act as I would in all cases and instances. They were honored, respected and loved and led with care and nurturing abilities. These days are to return soon, you will see. You are enfolded in my love and I'm thankful you have come.

As was mentioned earlier your connection to us will remain strong now that you have returned to your roots. Much care is given to you, your co-workers and the mission you are on. We are guiding you completely. I am ISIS.