18 January 2012


During a recent conversation with a friend, a spontaneous dialogue began with what I have come to know as the signature of Ramana Maharshi. It is my feeling this conversation has the potential to assist others experiencing similar doubts and fears, so, I offer the following…

Questioner: Well, fear is on the increase.

Ramana Maharshi: Where do you get this? How do you know this?

Questioner: I witness it in people around me.

Ramana Maharshi: Could it be that you are just more aware of it than ever before? And mind created a story to explain this? Could it be all the stories are created by the mind?

Questioner: To me, the mind is a cut-down version of .

Ramana Maharshi: Are you the mind?

Questioner: The mind is part of me. Yes. However that does not mean that I am JUST the mind.

Ramana Maharshi: But, are you the mind? The mind is the part of you that believes, as it does not Know. Why not see the seer? Can you see the seer?

Questioner: That is the same to me; it is the I who chooses to do anything at all.

Ramana Maharshi: Can YOU see the seer?

Questioner: No, because I am the seer and I cannot see myself, I can only see reflections of myself.

Ramana Maharshi: You are not the seer, as seeing is doing. You are the seer of the seeing.
Questioner: That means I am seeing.

Ramana Maharshi: Underneath the seeing is the seer, witnessing, the ever present flow of life itself.

Questioner: The seer is the one who sees, right?

Ramana Maharshi: Yes, but it is not Self.

Questioner: Yes, seeing is an aspect of sense.

Ramana Maharshi: And you are Self, so, it is not the truth of you.

Questioner: Well, self is just a word that refers to me.

Ramana Maharshi: You have many me’s. Which me? Do you know the me’s? Do you even need to know the me’s?
This is an opportunity to merely introduce to the mind some fruitful games to play, like looking for the seer, producing fruit from your labors, rather than rot. Rot is a peculiar thing to choose, is it not, once one knows the rot is awaiting one at the end of the road?

My question for you to answer for yourself is this, why play this game?

Questioner: Because there's nothing better to do, right?

Ramana Maharshi: For the love of doing it.

Questioner: I have not yet been able to love misery

Ramana Maharshi: The only that matters is in Self. It is best to nothing else. There is only Self. There is only Reality. One can and does illusion and tries to make it real. In this, so doing makes many idols one believes is Self, thus creating a confused state of being. In this state one knows not of Self. One is not Self-aware. This is all that need be done, BE Self aware. You are the remedy. You are also the problem. Which you CHOOSE to BE is the solution. You have made the problem. The problem only exists within the mind. As long as one sees only the problem, the problem expands. This is your power. It cannot be usurped from you. You must learn to harness this power. You will have access only to the power you are capable of using. If you misuse anything, it will no longer come when summoned. Therefore, you are no longer master. This is not a decision. This is harmony. This is Reality. Misuse exists only within illusion, where false power is sometimes coveted. True Power is gained, created. The fear of the abuse of power is death. Misuse of power creates the illusion of death. For all of this is intense fear.

Power is mastery. Mastery comes from experience. Mastery and wisdom are one. Wisdom seems to imply the absence of will, devotion. A master always holds the greatest power, even in your world. These are not my ways; these take focus away from Self, from my way. The greatest misuse of all is in what you tell yourself. You take God and defile it. And you believe this is you. This is not you. You look at illusion and you believe it. Do you see that you do this? Now that you see this, what do you choose to do with this knowledge? Depending on the choice here, you could misuse power, the power of choice, the power of free will. Mastery comes from always making the wise choice, as experience has taught what will happen otherwise. One has come to know what choice to make. Would you try to call a friend on a cell phone by pushing the off button? Perhaps you should identify yourself as a cell phone :).

Questioner: /wise choice versus choosing fear. Does that apply to my response to the 'sham' I saw as a potential, or, was that me buying into illusion?

Ramana Maharshi: No, but it does apply to why this is a question at all. It comes from trying to illusion, and you already do, so it’s humorous, really. It’s just mind doing what it does when it gets bored. It creates problems. This is why it is so valuable to do things where the mind is thinking constructively. It is a choice you can make and one that supports SELF. You are swimming in dirty water and thus cannot yet truly see clearly when looking at illusion. Yet, even now you can see clearly, when choosing to look at Self, when choosing to look within. It is not clouded there, within Self. One believes one can clean up illusion, but this is not so. One cannot clean up something that is not real.

Questioner: What about what you are attempting right now with me?

Ramana Maharshi: I am not attempting anything with you. I am you. What are you attempting with me is more to the point. It is not relevant to ask what I am attempting, as this is just the mind speaking over consciousness. Yet, consciousness is still here, so, it is no .

Questioner: I meant the of 'people' believing in these illusions or ill-using their power. It then is not the illusion that is cleared up, but the 'persons' thinking. The of ‘I am you’ makes me feel alone.

Ramana Maharshi: I am answering a request. It is your request, so, it is implausible to have this conversation, as it insane.

Questioner: And yet it is occurring in my experience.

Ramana Maharshi: Then, you are in an insane state.

Questioner: Apparently.

Ramana Maharshi: Within you is sanity, as well. Look away from the insanity. Look to the sanity of you instead, if you wish to be sane.

Questioner: Are you saying that this conversation is not taking place?

Ramana Maharshi: No, I am saying it is being perceived on different levels. I am advising one to seek a different perspective of it, one of you being the creator of it and all the Universe has come to answer your call, as this is truth not to be overlooked by the wise one. If being at a party with all the Universe makes you feel alone, then, choose a different perspective. However, it does seem that one is allowing the mind to choose the perspective, as it is lacking in integrity. Without integrity, it will come undone, and so pass. Then, you can choose again. One is always choosing.

Questioner: I am unable at current to see beyond duality.

Ramana Maharshi: That is because one is striving to see beyond duality. One is judging duality. One is judging oneself. One is not in the now. One is in the past and the future, being bounced around like a tennis ball. Would you rather be the holding the racquet?
Questioner: Of course!

Ramana Maharshi: Be the chooser of where you focus. Do not accept your focus being chosen for you. Do not lie down and be blind, or do. It is of no consequence to me, but it is of great consequence to you. That vigilance, as you say, can work for only so long. Anything coming close to it, in theory, seems to fall right away into the ‘hard work’ pond, forgetting how graceful the river runs. On your computer, you can generate movies of running rivers, yes? It would be healing for your mind to watch the river running, and know this is you. Your nature and the river’s are the same you see. This, too, is going within. Do this, and see how much peace can be experienced. One must focus awareness on the river, and that the river and one are ONE. This is to be taken within, to be heartfelt, with the heart. One has so little interaction with true nature and it is of little consequence, and yet, its dividends are great.

For all of nature is you, so a rich tapestry of beautiful reflection awaits you there. This is Self basking in creation. It is heaven if seen through the correct eyes. Heaven is all around you, but you need have the eyes to see. You cannot see such with the mind, only with the heart. This is how it was created. The mind is trying to do a job it was not created for, but this is right and good, for the mind wishes to know itself too. And this journey includes knowing what you are not. When this is complete, satisfied, one moves to explore what one is, and this is eternal. It is enough to state you have had these experiences.

Questioner: So, can I take that as it is my choice when 'enough is enough' in regards to exploring the non-self?

Ramana Maharshi: It can be no other way. Nothing, not even God itself, can choose for you, ever you are the ultimate last word. You are the and omega. You are this and more. You cannot see this yet, but you want to. Even wanting this, you choose to see otherwise.

Questioner: I have seen it, yet, the transition from where I am at, to that, seems fearful.

Ramana Maharshi: Then your trust is a bit weak to see just yet. So, trust your trust will be strengthened. Do you know the many ways you accomplish such things?

Questioner: No.

Ramana Maharshi: Through experience. Best to be a willing traveler in that experience. Ones trust gets strengthened either way. The results will be the same, as you are God, and your word is supreme. What you deem so, will be so, is so. So, why not strengthen your trust here and now. Would you care to do so?

Questioner: Yes.

Ramana Maharshi: Then choose to trust that which you do not trust, your will over the will of fear. Is there that which you fear right now? Do you not fear trust? Does this not ignite a fear of loss of control?

Questioner: I fear my choice as to where to place my trust.

Ramana Maharshi: One must let go of control. There are far greater mysteries at work in your life just now. Can you feel your fear of things being out of your control? Here in this very issue, one is seeking to change the mirror, yet again. It is more subtle for you here.
Questioner: How I see it, experience it, is the witnessing of 'malintent', and thus, fear-based illusion. And whether or not these things are 'really' happening in the world, and how I should use that information in making choices.

Ramana Maharshi: Yes, and this question is direct, why continue to see this? They only happen if you put them there and they are always a gift, no matter how distorted it may appear. It is all Self. This is why it is always safe. Danger and harm are only imagined, yet, they can be experienced. I have given much to reflect upon. Reflect, contemplate, but do not seek to answer. Allow the answer.

Questioner: Allright, it is much appreciated, thank you very much!

Ramana Maharshi: This doubt is due to the past, it is only memory. All humans have unpleasant memories in one form or another they fear to re-experience, as life has seemed to teach this is the way, that memories be re-experienced. This is not true. Once the thoughts cease, these things simply can no longer be experienced, as there is nothing fueling them. This is your only anchor to illusion, the thinking. The thinking is clouding the SElf from your awareness, so one must learn to see through this cloudiness. Otherwise, one will not see that one only desires to see, and that one sees the journey to seeing is to be enjoyed, seen as the love that it is.

Questioner: It would be, if it were not for all the set-backs.

Ramana Maharshi: They are not setbacks, they are necessities. It is a necessity to see where you can be yet deceived. It is a necessity to see beyond the deception.

Questioner: I understand, thank you for this perspective. As you know, I know all that you said, yet I do not practice, nor remember, all the time.

Ramana Maharshi: Practice will produce the memory to do so; the doing will produce the love of it, for it, being it. This is when practice becomes devotion. It is ones love and honor to live the devoted life. This is Self. Self knows only of devotion. In this matter, I must add, assuredly, Self knows more than of devotion, as we discuss it here. Self knows of devotion, and not of practice. It is the human mind that benefits from the practice, making a way clear for devotion to enter. One is only sometimes devoted, so, total devotion has not as yet taken place, for in total devotion, there is no desire to control.

One would be wise to see oneself as a student. To see oneself as a student is ennobling. It has many benefits on your journey. One is forever the student of life. It is wise to be this one now. It is also wise to be the . It, too, is ennobling. It is the balance of being both the student and the that comes with mastery. But, first is to be the student and to be the student forever more. Within the student lies innocence, all potentials. Within the lies wisdom and experience. The student always has more fun. It is our mission to create the next thing, to embark into the unknown. Therefore, it is our passion, our love expressed in honor and humility, always, in honor and humility. Without the student one risks these essential qualities. It is not for lack of knowing. There is knowing, and there is Knowing. Knowing, one must first practice that which one chooses to BE and then, one becomes devoted to BEING this. Then one is fully aware. This is enough.

To want the Truth is the same as to want to be the Truth. For once one has the Truth, one does become it. So, one can then focus on Truth, and the power which resides within you cannot help but make Truth become Known. Conversely, one can focus on illusion and this same power can create the same result making illusion known. A beginning practice may be to choose to utilize your power of focus to master this. Much mental debris can be cleared in such a practice. You are invited to accept this invitation, to affect the mastery of always choosing to focus on Truth and in return for your commitment to this practice; all of the Universe will be by your side to aid you in this mastery. And likewise, to choose differently, will do the same. It is your decision where you practice to place your focus and power. You will never be alone and much can be done to assist.

Some opportunities may be interpreted as unpleasant as the egoic self withers away. This is what I prefer to call the false Self. All one need do is remember as often as one will to be aware of where ones focus is at any given moment. Is it on illusion, or is it on Reality? How do you know? It is simple, just look for Self. You do not even need to see Self. To be willing to look is enough. For now what is most important is to look where the focus is as often as one can remember. One does not need to label where the focus is, simply seeing where it is, is enough. It is a practice that sharpens your knowledge of Self. It is always Self looking, but looking at what? That is the question. To be aware of Self, one sees one seeing. You will see this every time you look if you will but look. No effort is required, no schedule, only when you remember. With one disclaimer, be wary when you remember, but make excuses to do it later, or at another time. This is only the mind in full non-cooperation. You must master this mind and do it anyway. This may feel like effort. It is not. It is strengthening your will and will is required to experience that which you wish to experience.

This is a wonderful thing you are willing to undertake. For it is known, it is not easy. It is not an easy way or it would not be so unique. You posses great courage and bravery to be here. You knew much that could be experienced as difficulty, and you chose this anyway. It is wise to remember this truth of yourself and not allow doubt to destroy this for you. Much strength can be derived from remembering this. It is the world that seeks to make you small and weak. It is the world you must remove your focus from. You are neither small nor weak, nor are you large and great, yet you are.

It is wise to be the student for now. This is not a rating contest. Time is not real. Linearity is illusion. There is no contest. It is as it is. Start by always accepting this, acceptance is the starting point to turning things around. We do wish for you to contemplate, to choose similarly, just contemplate. Contemplation fills the heavens with such potency it’s palpable. Enjoyable, contemplation seeks no answer. It is enough to bask in mystery and potentials. So, some rest and some focus and some contemplation, and this keeps Jack from being a dull boy! Until we meet again…

It is requested if reprinted author and website be included, Scribe:Faye Rouchi. http:www.fayerouchi.com.