10 January 2012
Channeler: Solara



Right from the beginning, this year feels very different. It's more serious and more grounded than previous years. feels more real. 2012 is laden with deep undercurrents of massive, unprecedented change.

In January many of us are feeling a strong sense of urgency and excitement to get to our right places with our right people, align as One Being, start living True Lives as True Ones and manifest our True Purpose. We know that the time is NOW.

Yet what we are encountering often feels more like navigating an obstacle course rather than progressing along a clear path illuminated by a series of Green Lights. Many of these "obstacles" are glitches, often found in technology, or simple communication. When these glitches occur, it's important that we don't take them personally and simply recognize them as an obstacle course filled with the debris of duality. We need to realize that these glitches bring us needed rerouting, moving us into the correct direction or the correct timing. Then simply do what is needed and continue on.

During January we are going to be continually tested to see if we are holding true to our 's Knowingness. Our 's Knowingness is the compass that will show us our true direction. When elements that we know are true don't appear to be happening, we must stay with the feeling of rightness that we feel in our hearts. Our 's Knowingness is like a lighthouse in the densest fog. It's our homing beacon. It will always lead us into the truest places.

In 2012 the Line in the Sand has been drawn and we all need to choose where we are going to stand, if we haven't done so already. We are discovering who is in and who is out (for now). We are gathering together with those who are definitely in, those ready to make a commitment to actually live True Lives, rather than just dream about them. It's time to come together as One Being with those who share our True Purpose and start manifesting our True Lives.

In many ways, 2012 is the Year of our One Being. It's the time for coming together, collaborating, co-creating, for mutual support, for manifesting our True Purpose as One Being. Birthing a World and living True Lives is not done by us as separate individuals, but by us as One Being. This is the year when it is essential that the Sleeping Giant of our One Being fully awakens and makes its presence felt.

When we become Masters of Service, doing what is needed, when it is needed, we step into the state of ONE BEING IN ACTION. This is clean, true that can manifest whatever needs to be done. ONE BEING IN ACTION can move mountains and birth a New World. When we are in ONE BEING IN ACTION, it is fun, easy, inspiring and super creative.

The 11/11/11 RESET is bringing profound changes to our lives. In January we will begin implementing the new energies of the RESET into our everyday lives. These changes will start feeling very real and grounded. Many of us are making our commitment to live True Lives as True Ones. Because of this, it's important that we do everything in new ways.

Occasionally we might feel cranky, that grain of sand in the oyster feeling when everything rubs us the wrong way. This is like the cork in the bottle of our depression. This isn't the normal depression; it's the ancient deep sadness of the end of the ages — the completion of our long journey to arrive at this new MUA. The longer we've been on Earth, the stronger we feel a tiredness of soul. We've finally accessed the bottom of our Well of Deep Sorrow and we're emptying it out. At the same time that we're experiencing these layers of deep sadness, a vaster part of our being is very happy and excited for what is unfolding this year.

The powerful Year of the Dragon begins on January 23rd. This brings unprecedented transformation in an already powerful year. Numerous Insertion Points of the New will start coming into our lives in January and continue happening all year. 2012 is about fulfilling our True Purpose, for this is why we are here.

2012 is a deeply exciting year. More of us are becoming REAL and TRUE than ever before. Many people are stepping in as True Ones. The resonance of PURE TRUE LOVE is becoming ever stronger. There's a deeper understanding of Oneness and what it means to be part of One Being.

The Sleeping Giant of our One Being is finally emerging….

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We are far more free than we allow ourselves to be!